The Best Excursions in the Dominican Republic in 2019

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The excursion to Saona Island is a must for everyone who has come to the country for the first time! Nevertheless, many people like returning to this island again and again to bathe in soft turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, relax in the shade of coconut palm trees and walk along the seashore, stepping on fine white sand.

The price of the excursion to Saona Island, the Dominican Republic, depends on the excursion program and means of transportation: catamaran, yacht or high-speed boat.


  • Saona Island Classic – the most budget-friendly excursion option – it costs only US$59 and includes everything you have been dreaming about: pastime on board the catamaran with a glass of rum and our cheerful animators dancing bachata; visiting the Blue Lagoon with starfish; and unforgettable heavenly beach time on Saona Island. By the way, you will arrive to the island earlier than any other touristic groups! The price is only US$59.
  • Saona Island Deluxe – before sailing around the waves of the Caribbean Sea, you will visit the City of Artists – a village in European Medieval style created by talented Hollywood decorators. You will sail to the island on board our high-speed motor boat. You will also get a pleasant bonus – a free photo session by our professional photographer in the Dominican Republic! The price is US$124.
  • Saona Island Exclusive – 5 hours on the idyllic island! There is nothing redundant in this excursion! We arrive to the island earlier than any other tourists, and we are the last to leave it so that you could fully enjoy this heavenly place! The price is US$89.


If you want to explore the Dominican Republic and visit its most picturesque sites, make sure you go on Samaná 3 in 1 excursion! Spend a wonderful day full of events and emotions. You will remember this Dominican excursion for long! Just imagine that it includes all of the following:

  • Los Haitises Natural Reserve, where you will see pristine tropical nature: mangrove forests, beautiful lagoons and habitat of rare birds.
  • Mysterious caves with drawings of the ancient Indians.
  • Horseback riding to the most picturesque waterfall of the Dominican Republic – El Limón waterfall, in which you can bathe.
  • Dominican lunch.
  • Excursion around the ranch, where mango, papaya, banana and other exotic fruit are cultivated.
  • An authentic island of pirates, where one of the first commercials of Bacardi rum was filmed.


Who doubts that to get a complete impression of a country, it is necessary to visit its capital?

The city of Santo Domingo is not only the largest by population in the Dominican Republic but also the first European settlement on the continent! Our excursion around Santo Domingo invites you to explore various historical sites, learn legends of the Indians and pirates, hear stories about adventures of Christopher Columbus, and visit a large memorial Lighthouse dedicated to this great sailor and his discoveries.

The price is from US$74.


If you do not like long trips, but want to observe breath-taking views, Redonda (Round) Mountain 3 in 1 is right for you! All transfers by bus during this excursion will take no more than an hour. At the same time, you will experience so many positive emotions!

The excursion starts from visiting wild Macao beach – one of the most picturesque in the Dominican Republic. After swimming in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you will travel to famous Redonda (Round) Mountain, where you will:

  • Enjoy an impressive view over the ocean and the mountain range
  • Relax in the hammock
  • Have a swing above the cliff
  • Get professional photos taken by our photographer who will accompany you during this excursion free of charge!

The price is US$70.


This excursion will be probably appreciated by those who love a high speed, drive and active pastime! Safari excursion on Suzuki Jeeps is waiting for adventure lovers! During this excursion, you will see the pristine tropical nature, visit an authentic ranch, and observe how cocoa, coffee, mango, avocado, ginger, chestnut, papaya, pineapple, banana and other cultures are cultivated. You will also have an opportunity to taste some of the local produce! Moreover, you will learn how to roll real Dominican cigars, eat a delicious lunch and enjoy unforgettable Macao beach!

The prices start from US$98.


Another adventurous excursion is a buggy ride. This means of transportation looks like a quadracycle, however, it has reinforcement plates and a small roof. An excursion on buggies to Macao beach is always an unforgettable experience that fills one’s heart with the most positive emotions: you will drive along Dominican villages, swim in a real cave lake, and visit a wild beach with beautiful rocks and palm tree forests.

The price is from US$33.


Do you want to see a tropical jungle, flying above it like a bird? Try zip line! Zip line excursion takes place in picturesque mountains, where 12 zip lines are installed. The excursion program includes safety instructions, equipment and an opportunity to visit Monkey Land park.

The price is from US$89.


If you are not only active but also competitive, try your luck in Ocean fishing! The Atlantic Ocean is a habitat of really big fish: here you can catch tuna, barracuda and even marlin!

You can go fishing alone or with a companion, as well as join an international group of tourists.

The price starts from US$79.


Spend an unforgettable day in the Atlantic Ocean going on the Paradise Cruise excursion! You will enjoy many activities organized according to the highest standards:

  • Catamaran cruise along a picturesque coastline
  • Snorkeling near a picturesque coral reef
  • Submarine museum with mysterious statutes of the Taíno Indians
  • Natural reserve with wonderful lakes
  • Seafood lunch in a restaurant on piles in the ocean
  • Party in a natural pool with drinks and cheerful music

The price is US$169.


Finally, at the end of our list of the best Dominican excursions of 2018, there is something extraordinary!

Have you ever dreamt of a scooter adventure along the bottom of the ocean? Today, it is not a fantasy, but a real opportunity available thanks to the invention of innovative Scubadoo scooter! You will feel like part of the submarine world, walking along coral reefs and fish, and breathing without any difficulties!

You will be taken to the diving site on Panoramic One boat with a transparent bottom and futuristic design. You will be treated to snacks, soft drinks and a shot of Dominican liquor on board the boat!

Before starting your explorative adventure on the bottom of the ocean using this technical invention, you will listen to detailed instructions. However, don’t worry – there is nothing difficult in driving the scooter. This experience does not require any special skills, but leaves you absolutely impressed!

The price is $US88.


It is hardly possible to imagine a more eventful and bright program than the program of 27 Waterfalls excursion, inspired by hosts of a famous Ukrainian travel show called Oryol i Reshka and their adventures in the Dominican Republic. This excursion includes the most interesting places of the northern coast of the country. 27 Waterfalls have already been appreciated by hundreds of tourists!

On this excursion, you will:

  • See the impressive nature of the northern region of the Dominican Republic
  • Descend 12 waterfalls
  • Have an active and interesting day
  • Visit the most beautiful beach of the Dominican north – Playa Grande beach
  • Fly on a rope swing above the great Du-Du lagoon
  • Experience tons of unforgettable moments and take even more impressive photos!

The price is US$135


Surfing in the Dominican Republic is fantastic because:

  • Surfing season is open all year round
  • The Dominican Republic features great beaches along the entire coastline of the island
  • There are more than 30 surf-spots good for both beginners and experienced surfers
  • The Dominican Republic boasts unique conditions for surfing, not found in any other country of the Caribbean. That is why the Dominican Republic is justly considered the capital of surfing in the Caribbean!

Today, the Dominican Republic features several surfing schools and camps, where one can learn to surf and get priceless experience from professional instructors.

The eastern part of the island, where the main touristic areas of the Dominican Republic are located, is famous for its Macao surf-spot – ideal for both beginners and professional surfers. The length of waves on this beach varies from 50 to 100 meters. The beach offers excellent conditions for surfing classes all year round, while the professionals prefer surfing on Macao beach from November to February: strong northern winds form intensive waves from the left side of the bay.

The price is US$89.


The submarine world of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean impress with a variety of colors and inhabitants: here you will see steep coral walls, sunken ships, submarine caves, coral reefs and a large variety of big and small fish and turtles.

To start diving, you have to pass a training course. If you already have a diving experience, you can improve your diving skills and become a professional diver in the Dominican Republic by obtaining a PADI certificate.

The price is from US$59.


A flight over the Dominican Republic will let you enjoy a fantastic view over white-sand beaches, a coastline with palm tree forests and hotel complexes, coral reefs, mountains, rivers and waterfalls! Moreover, you will be able to see various attractions of the Dominican Republic. Photos made during the flight will serve as a memento of your vacation in the marvelous Dominican Republic!

The best options of getting a bird’s-eye view of the Dominican Republic are:

  • Flight on the helicopter (the price is from US$88)
  • Flight at the plane wheel (you will be able to have a flight at the plane wheel accompanied by a professional experienced pilot (the price is US$499))

For those who, apart from wonderful feelings, also want to bring some souvenirs from the Dominican Republic, we organize free transportation to Ola Souvenirs gift shop! You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices and a wide choice of souvenirs!

To get even more useful information about the Dominican Republic from people who live in this country, check out our videos in YouTube. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned:

We hope that each of you will choose the optimal excursions in the Dominican Republic in 2018 and will spend unforgettable holidays on the sunny island!


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