The Best Board Games for Kids in 2019

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RAVE Reviews, the innovative site that publishes entertaining rankings based on advanced data-driven analysis, has published a ranking series of the “Best Board Games for Kids,” available at:

One of the great tragedies of children having smartphones is that fewer and fewer of them are playing board games. This isn’t to say that RAVE Reviews is swearing off cell phone games, but imagine looking at a Monopoly set and not having any nostalgic memories of prolonged battles with your friends. That is what is at stake and why RAVE went out and found the best board games for kids.

Whether it be helping Pete the Cat find his missing cupcakes, playing Apples to Apples with a large group of friends, or mentally squaring off in a game of Chess, RAVE has included an array of games for kids aged one through eleven in this ranking (adults are always welcome). For convenience, the best games for each age group have also been selected. Board games are making a comeback and this article is a perfect place to start. Pick up one of these games today and help your kids benefit from the unique mental challenge and bonding experience that board games provide.

“If at least one kid puts aside his phone and instead plays a mentally engaging game with his/her friends, we have succeeded. It’s time for board games to rise up again,” said Hillary Miller, Managing Editor for RAVE Reviews.

In determining which board games to feature, RAVE compared reviews from sources across the internet and took into account multiple factors such as quality of gameplay, educational value, nostalgia, and more.

The full list of featured products includes:

Apples to Apples – Hasbro

Battleship – Hasbro

Blokus – Mattel

Catan – Klaus Teuber

Chess – Hansen Games

Clue –  Hasbro

Hoot Owl Hoot! – Peaceable Kingdom

IQ Twist – Smart Games

Kanoodle Jr. – Educational Insights

Laser Maze – ThinkFun

Monopoly – Hasbro

Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes Game – Briarpatch

Richard Scarry’s Busytown™ – Busy Busy Airport Game – Wonder Forge

Robot Turtles – ThinkFun

Rush Hour – ThinkFun

Sleeping Queens – Gamewright

Spot it! Jr. Animals – Blue Orange Games

Stack Up! – Peaceable Kingdom

Sushi Go – Gamewright

Zingo – ThinkFun

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