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It goes without saying that the changes coming to the world of real estate promote the development of new business models. Space as a Service, or SpaaS, is one of them. Simply put, it is a new corporate paradigm that will fundamentally change the way we run our businesses. All these changes are driven by technological advancements that are upgrading the world around us. Let’s have a look at this business model and the solutions it offers in greater detail.


What Is Space-As-A-Service?

In fact, this term has two meanings. First of all, it is a service offering office space on demand. You can decide what period you need the coworking space for: one week, a month, a year, etc.

However, there’s another meaning. It is a workplace that provides spaces or services to individuals.

All in all, it is a paradigm shift of the commercial real estate industry. Such terms as co-working or co-living are popular examples of the SPaaS business model. To put it simply, a landlord provides a space and a set of services; tenants utilize the space.

How Is Space As a Service Changing The Way We Work?

Today, the workplace is undergoing a revolution in innovation and reorganization. The cost of real estate continues to grow and long-term leases aren’t profitable anymore. That’s why more companies opt for renting space as a commodity. Today, this business model is changing the way we live and work. Companies following this business model lease spaces and provide others with services they expect from a traditional space office. Employees can get all the benefits they used to: computers, internet, snacks, tea, etc.

This model is especially appealing to millennials because they prefer working from different locations.

Embracing space service is another issue that should be taken into consideration. Today, we can see that the consumer technology has significantly decreased the need for using physical items thanks to such solutions as Amazon or Netflix. Moreover, the rapid development of workplace technology has eliminated the need for using physical office spaces. “Work” is your experience in your professional niche, not the place where you spend 8 hours per day. Due to modern technological achievements, people can work from anywhere and everywhere.

Thanks to the rapid development of this model, workplace leaders can whittle down expenses while delivering services of better quality.

Look at these samples:

  • Instead of moving to another city, employees can work from any coworking space.
  • From time to time, employees can work remotely.
  • The coworking space can cover maintenance costs. As a result, the capital expenses of the company will be lower.

The main purpose of any team leader is to do more while using fewer resources. Embracing this business model allows them to achieve that goal.

Dna325 as Your Leading Space-As-A-Service Partner

Here, at DNA325 we help develop and grow IT companies. We are an international recruiting and R&D agency offering lots of opportunities for your business growth. Our main mission is to develop Space-As-A-Service business model for companies. Among our clients are Advandmedia, ISG2, and ZipporMedia. All these companies prefer this business model to opening and maintaining their own offices.

In the space-as-a-service era, employees can work remotely from anywhere. However, the creation of a powerful, digital workplace can definitely encourage them to spend more time at a coworking space (especially if employers need their presence at the office). Nevertheless, buying spaces and maintaining them is nothing but a waste of money for some companies. If you are currently looking for the best space for your team and don’t want to be bothered with any questions related to space management, our service is at your disposal.

The purpose of our company is to help you rent an office on favorable terms. With the help of our agency, you can rent an office for any period of time and in the most convenient place for you.

To put it simply, our service can help you get:

  • Private offices;
  • Equipped shared meeting rooms;
  • Workspaces with a kitchen and a shower.

We strive to meet the requirements of our customers and always do our best to find the most convenient offices for your team.

To make sure that we are a professional company, look at the main SPaaS standards we follow:

  • We’ll help you find open space in a convenient district with easy access to public transportation and other perks.
  • Our workspaces are equipped with all the necessary tools (computers, WiFi, chairs, tables, etc.)
  • Comfortable conference rooms to meet your corporate needs.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Admin management.
  • Office management.

We can be your local partner and help you with hiring, HR service, and office rent. Instead of spending your precious time on finding an office for your team, you can entrust this task to experts in this field and focus on your business growth. We have a few years of experience in this niche and have hundreds of satisfied customers from Israel, Germany, Canada, and the USA.

Now, we can also help our partners to find offices in the biggest Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, and others). So if you are currently looking for a reliable local partner to help you with office rent, we are right here to help you!

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