Different Type of Teas and Their Benefits

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Tea is one of the oldest beverage, yet it is the most preferred and beneficial beverage out of all. Earlier tea was consumed just for the purpose of relaxation but now studies have found that tea provides many more benefits. There are different types of teas available; most of these true teas come from the brewing the leaves of Camellia sinensis while the other teas (known as the herbal teas) comes from different herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits.

Every tea serves its own purpose and provides benefits in many different ways. Some of the most preferred beneficial teas are:

  1. Green Tea:

The benefits of this true tea, discovered in China, cannot be counted on the fingers. Green tea has many nutrients and antioxidants which affects our bodies resulting in weight loss, improve our memory, and results in better functioning of the heart. Consuming green tea regularly reduces the chance of cancer; they kill off cancerous cells and help to limit or stop their growth. Green tea reduces cholesterol and helps to keep diabetes in control.

  1. Black tea:

Black tea is probably the most consumed tea ever. And its health benefits are known to most people; others drink it just for the taste. This tea is very rich in tannins which help to improve our digestion system. This tea also reduces the risk of cancer and advised to people who are at risk of suffering from asthma. Black tea improves the strength of your bones, increases your concentration, and also helps you to relax.


  1. Yaupon Tea:

Yaupon tea is perhaps one of the rarest teas that people have forgotten about. It is obtained from the yaupon holly tree. Marley Andrews from SipsBy.com says that the yaupon holly tree is the only plant containing caffeine that grows in America. This plant contains theobromine which maintains your blood pressure and strengthens your heart. Consuming yaupon tea helps in fighting problems like joint pains, arthritis, and headaches. Yaupon tea helps in strengthening the immune system and also helps to avoid digestion problems like bloating, constipation, etc.

  1. Chamomile Tea:

Chamomile tea is obtained from the dried flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. This tea should be consumed by women during the menses as it helps to reduce menstrual cramps. Drinking chamomile tea at night will help to improve the quality of your sleep. It also gives relief from stress and anxiety; people who suffer or are likely to suffer from depression should consume chamomile tea daily. Apart from these benefits, chamomile tea also helps in strengthening the immune system, improving the functioning of heart, bone density, and digestion system.


  1. Ginger Tea:

Benefits of ginger tea are very well known to most people. This tea is a very familiar tea which one can drink daily and stay away from many health problems. Drinking ginger tea before traveling will help to prevent nausea and vomiting. It is also very beneficial for people who are allergic; it is the go-to tea when one suffers from cold. Ginger tea is also the best cure for any sort of pains; be it a headache, menstrual pain, or muscle pain.


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