A Landlord Asks one in Seven Tenants to Leave, According to the Report on Property Rescue

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Over a million renters in Britain have seen their GP over worries about rent according to housing charity Shelter, with one in eleven people having worries about paying rent.

A new guide from Property Rescue is looking to combat that, offering up solutions to the biggest problems and disputes between tenants and landlords.

It’s believed around 14% of renters are asked to leave or evicted from their property by landlords, with rental arrears being the most common factor. However, anxiety for tenants comes in all forms and Property Rescue are aiming to bring practical advice to the more frequent problems.

The study covers all areas of renting from initial tenancy agreements through to rental increases, maintenance and repairs and bill paying.

Featuring advice from the likes of Shelter and Citizens Advice, it’s a useful tool for worried tenants to find helpful advice and simple solutions.

Danny Nieberg, Director at Property Rescue said, “It’s common for tenants to encounter problems with landlords (and vice versa) and having nowhere to turn can be an awful and lonely feeling.

“We hope this guide can help point renters who are experiencing issues in the right direction and take the necessary steps towards fixing them.”

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