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Healthcare IT solutions provider, Comport, released some new recommendations on the benefits of Cloud Object Storage when used for the healthcare industry.

Object storage offers facilities and organizations an additional way to store the massive amounts of data that they collect. Between IoT and connected devices, medical images and EHRs, the typical facility stores huge amounts of data every day. The sheer amount of information can make it difficult or slow to retrieve the details a provider is looking for, particularly as the data ages. Object storage offers a way to replace older, legacy options with a newer, more streamlined option.

Benefits of Object Storage for Healthcare

Store large amounts of data: Object storage offers a way to store and easily retrieve massive amounts of data; the stored information is always available and ready for use.

Unsurpassed convenience: For facilities used to older methods, including tapes, the user needs to know which tape the data is stored on and be able to track it down and hope it still works. When objects are stored in the cloud, they are instantly accessible.

Fully scalable: Organizations grow over time. A static system purchased when your facility was new will rapidly be outgrown; scaling will require purchasing a larger, better system. Object storage is easily scaled as needed, so growth at any pace is supported.

Enhanced patient care: When providers have access to all relevant data they can make better choices for patient care. Wait times are also dramatically reduced, increasing patient satisfaction and brand perception.

Versatile: Object storage can be used for multiple types of data and information, not just imaging or records. A system that can store all items is easier for providers and staff to learn, reducing learning time and freeing providers to focus on care, not tracking down files or details.

Opting for object storage allows facilities and practices to streamline the process of accessing data when it is needed. This secure, approach ensures patient data is inaccessible to unauthorized users and that it is always available for those who need it. Learning more about object storage allows providers or facilities to make the best choices for their data protection and to continually improve patient care.

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