Does the Recovery Community have its Roots in Christianity?

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If you are a Christian suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, you might find that a Christian-based approach to the recovery process is one that will work better for you, both initially and over the long-term. There is naturally going to be anxiety about abandoning the crutches you have learned to lean on. The idea of facing those substance demons that seem to be forever beckoning you to succumb to them can be very difficult to overcome. For Christians with a strong faith in Jesus Christ, the decision to start and maintain an alcohol and drug-free life can be easier with a treatment program based on Christian principles.

Alcoholics Anonymous started as a Christian program. Although they have expanded to include people of other faiths, their mission to help alcoholics achieve sobriety while advocating that those afflicted should help others with the same problem is a Christian initiative, going along with the Second Greatest Commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Their 12-step program, based on Christian principles, is also used in Narcotics Anonymous for those with drug addictions. Both programs focus on help from and reliance on a Higher Power. The difference in the Christian programs is that the Higher Power is defined as Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Where to Begin

If you think this type of program might be right for you in helping to give you the necessary strength to address your addiction, there are many places throughout the country offering faith-based approaches to recovery, centered around the Savior, Jesus Christ. If you find yourself needing a Christian rehab but don’t know where to start looking, it’s actually not that difficult to find one that is right for you.

1. Your priest or minister may be able to direct you to facilities that will meet your Christian needs.

2. The Salvation Army has Christian-based programs. Their website supplies information on how to contact them in your area.

3. Catholic Charities is another organization dedicated to helping those with addictions.

4. Searching the internet for Christian alcohol and drug addiction centers will turn up a number of possibilities.

Choosing the Christian Treatment and Recovery Program for your Needs

If you are currently in the stage of abusing substances, you will need to find a Christian facility that offers medically supervised detoxification. The detoxification process can be fatal if not monitored. Medical professionals can determine when the body is free of toxins, and you can go on to the next step of recovery.

The next step may or may not require some in-patient treatment at a Christian facility that can get you started on a track to successfully resume activities in your life with its responsibilities and temptations. After that, they can direct you and get you started in a Christian-based 12-step program to keep you on course with a faith-based plan where a daily walk with Jesus Christ will lead you to a fulfilled and prosperous life.


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