Impeachment Has Zero Bipartisan Support

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Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) is a senior member of the House and the leading Republican on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Recently his office noted concern about the developments when it comes to the Impeachment process:

“With less than one year until the Presidential election, House Democrats are doing all they can to take power away from the American people – because they’ve admitted that if they don’t impeachment President Trump, he will get re-elected.

“Above all, Americans believe in fairness and the right of due process when accused. Yet, from day one the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry has offered neither. Instead, it’s been a secret, partisan affair conducted exclusively behind closed doors in an attempt to hide important information from the American people and overturn the results of the 2016 election.

“Last week, Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leadership attempted to force their sham inquiry with a resolution vote, but instead they found bipartisan opposition. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that there is simply no cause for this impeachment inquiry – and we will not legitimize this unfair and unprecedent charade.

“We have less than 20 days left in this year’s legislative session – and we’re wasting them on sham impeachment. Instead, we should focus on lowering drug prices, securing the southern border, and passing USMCA – because these are the real solutions that our constituents deserve.

“Labor force participation also rose, and for the 18th straight month the number of unemployed people has been lower than the number of open jobs. Because of this surplus of jobs, more Americans than ever are getting up off the sidelines and into the workforce.  Last week, The Department of Labor released their jobs report for October. 128,000 jobs were added – far exceeding the number expected. This continued job growth demonstrates the historic strength of the U.S. labor market, and combined with an increase in household spending, rising GDP, strong home mortgages and better than expected corporate earnings it is clear that our economy continues to boom.

“American families are benefitting the most from Republican-led tax reform – and we need to invest in our growth. Now is the perfect time to pass USMCA and make our middle-class tax cuts permanent – ensuring that the American people continue to reap the rewards of our economic expansion.

“There are many things someone living with diabetes has to worry about, but less medical innovation and the high cost of insulin should not among them. Representatives from both sides of the aisle agree – drug costs need to be lowered. I believe there is a bipartisan way to do this without sacrificing incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop new life-saving drugs. Instead, we should work together to ensure that all Texans – and all Americans – living with diabetes can have hope for the future. November is American Diabetes Month – did you know that an estimated 663,000 Texans are living with undiagnosed diabetes? Early diagnosis and proper treatment can ensure that a patient lives comfortably, although there is currently no cure. That’s why we need to protect medical research funding and invest in discovering new cures for disease – something Speaker Pelosi is threatening.

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