The Hidden Challenge in Professional Growth

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By Daphne Michaels, Special for USADT
Have you ever had this experience: you set a goal and almost immediately feel strange or lose clarity? If so, you’ve probably encountered what I call “Gap-Dissonance” —  an uncomfortable feeling that comes from your mind being in two places at the same time. For example, when you see two sides to an argument or when you are presented with new information that challenges an old notion making you unclear about what to believe. Let’s face it, there are many opportunities to experience gap-dissonance every day. We must be vigilant to overcome this hidden challenge in professional growth and life.
One of the most common sources of “gap-dissonance” is the state of discomfort that accompanies every journey from “where you are in now to where you desire to be in the future”. The gap between these two places can literally create paralyzing inner tension.
Understanding the purpose of this inner turmoil is crucial. Anytime we set an intention we are automatically activating inner tension. In fact, think of it as the “tension in intention”. And while it can be uncomfortable it is actually necessary. 
Gap-dissonance can provide the energy to make significant progress. It has the power to uproot your old belief about who you are and make room for an identity shift to become more of who you want to be. And because gap-dissonance presents an inner challenge, facing it will give you a deep sense of victory. 
There are 3 keys to overcoming the Gap-Dissonance: Commitment, Capacity and Self-Care. 
First, you must have a powerful sense of commitment to reach your goal. Second, you must have a strong capacity to hold tension without shutting down or blowing up (this can be developed). And third, you must increase your self-care in order to calm your reaction to this natural inner tension. 
Gap-dissonance will generally begin to resolve once your new goals are within sight. 

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Daphne Michaels is a leading expert in human potential and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money. She is endorsed by the national media and listed with the top-rated All American Speakers bureau. Daphne is a regular guest offering business advice and expert commentary on The Price of Business and other nationally syndicated BizTalk radio programs.

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