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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

Over 12 million people tuned into Yellowstone in 2022, making it the most watched tv show of the year.  Naturally, the majority of these viewers tuned into the spin-off, 1923.


As a fan of both shows, I am horrified as well as grateful that light is finally being shed on the dark, almost forgotten history of Government Residential Boarding Schools that were commonplace all across the US and Canada from 1801 until 1969.


In the show 1923, the character Teonna Rainwater is the victim of one of these awful boarding schools where abuse was rampant and many children never returned home.   These traumas and wounds have been felt deeply throughout the generations of families.


Can you imagine having your children forcibly taken away from you, from your home and shipped off to a boarding school to learn a completely different way of life, wear completely different clothing, forced to partake in different spiritual practices, beliefs, being turned into a completely different child with a new name and you don’t have any rights in the matter?  


According to the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report dated May 2022, there were 408 Boarding schools in operation, across 37 states (or then-territories), including 21 schools in Alaska and 7 schools in Hawaii.  Outside the scope of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, the Department identified over 1,000 other Federal and non-Federal institutions, including Indian day schools, sanitariums, asylums, orphanages, and stand-alone dormitories that may have involved education of thousands of  Indigenous people and children. 


Wendy Bjork, The Empress of MS, founder of

An extreme pioneer in advocacy and mentorship, Wendy is leading a global revolution to change the face of Multiple Sclerosis. 

In living with MS for over 30 years, she wishes to bridge the many gaps in care.

She empowers women by sharing the keys to begin their healing journey as well as igniting their most dynamic self.

Wendy has authored two books and co-authored a third, “Fired Up!” which is a #1 International bestseller. She contributes to the National MS Society’s Momentum Magazine.  She is regularly invited on discussions, podcasts, interviews to share her story and is a regular contributor on the Price of platforms.

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