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Socket Mobile a leading innovator of data capture and delivery solutions for enhanced productivity, announced today it has expanded its DuraCase line to better support the commercial services and transportation industries.

Socket Mobile’s scanner-sled solution, DuraCase, is a protective case which combines an Apple or Samsung handheld, smart device with a SocketScan® 800 series scanner into a single, one-handed solution. The DuraCase integrates connectors from both scanner and smart device for dual charging and features rubberized material for increased drop protection and durability. Ideal for mobile workers, commercial services and transportation markets that are looking to use a handheld device with a scanner.

“We listen closely to our customers and have seen the need to improve the overall solution of our products to include an on-the-go option. One area of concern was having a safe and secure location for the combined phone/scanning devices when traveling. Second, we needed to support the constant need to keep the devices charged,” says Vanessa Lindsay, Senior Product Manager.

The new Vehicle Charging Dock was created for convenience and ease of use. Developed in conjunction with Ram Mount, a world-leading manufacturer of premier charging and mounting solutions, the Vehicle Charging Dock is perfect for keeping both the scanner and device charged. The Vehicle Charging Dock is placed in a secure, safe location within reach in the automobile, allowing easy access to GPS and other functions. Great for workers on the go, in and out of vehicles and for those who can’t afford interruption in their daily work flow due to a low battery.

The Vehicle Charging solution is the ideal complement to the desk charger or the multi-bay charger Socket Mobile provides for charging in warehouses, offices and homes. All the charging solutions feature magnetic contacts for ease of docking. Also, Socket Mobile provides a DuraCase Holster with a rotating belt clip for workers who need hands-free capability with a convenient and secure resting place for their devices. In addition, with a lanyard, the scanner and device are always handy and accessible.

Socket Mobile’s scanner-sled solutions currently support iPod, iPhone 6, 7, 8, iPhone 6, 7, 8 Plus and versions for the iPhone XR, X/Xs and Xs Max will be released in Q3. DuraCases are already available for the Samsung, J3/J5 and S7. All DuraCases are compatible with all charging options:

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