OhioLINK and Cengage Have Partnered to Make Digital Course Materials More Affordable for College Students

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Cengage, an education and technology company, and OhioLINK, a statewide academic library consortium, have partnered to make digital course materials more affordable for Ohio college students. The inclusive access pricing agreement reduces the course-level price of Cengage e-textbooks and courseware up to 80 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

“At OhioLINK, we are driven by serving students. Knowing that the cost of textbooks affects students’ success rates as well as their bank accounts, it is our goal to make affordable learning easier for our member institutions,” said Gwen Evans, OhioLINK Executive Director. “This price agreement with Cengage offers our members the opportunity to receive a pre-negotiated, discounted price and an established model to get started with inclusive access, should they choose to do so—with the potential to positively impact hundreds of thousands of students.”

“Our partnership with OhioLINK underscores our continued commitment to increasing access to quality, affordable course materials,” said Andy Gates, Vice President, Institutional Sales at Cengage. “This agreement is a seamless way to lower the cost of materials at the course-level and provide first-day-of-class access. Further, it illustrates the array of choices we can provide both students and institutions who share our focus on affordable access to quality learning.”

OhioLINK is a consortium of 118 academic libraries distributed among 90 Ohio colleges and universities, and part of the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s OH-TECH consortium. The agreement leverages Cengage Inclusive Access, which reduces the course-by-course price of individual Cengage materials for the more than 600,000 students at OhioLINK member institutions.

Cengage is a leader in affordability and access to high quality learning materials. In addition to digital course materials delivered through Cengage Inclusive Access, Cengage was the first to launch a comprehensive print rental program, an Open Educational Resource (OER) product called Cengage OpenNOW and Cengage Unlimited, the first all-access subscription service for digital college textbooks, online homework, access codes and study guides.

To learn more about options for affordable access to quality learning with Cengage, visit: www.cengage.com/institutional.

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