What to do When You Feel Fear at Work

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By Daphne Michaels, Special for USADT


Fear is a common thread among all professions. Regardless of industry, fear is one of the most significant non-addressed issues we face. Even though it is well known that fear significantly reduces productivity and success, a broad resolution isn’t within sight.
Why? Because the topic of fear is complex; it is complicated, vast and multidimensional. Even so, it is in need of profound exploration amongst leaders, entrepreneurs and employees alike. If you haven’t already, I encourage you find a role in this important exploration and encourage others to do the same.
As part of the larger exploration, the following model can help you shift from acute fear to creative flow in an instant:
The model uses the acronym: SHIFT
S —  Solitude: Take a moment to recalibrate yourself. Breathe.
H —  Height: Gain greater perspective by getting above the fear-inducing situation.
I —   Information: Gather relevant, reliable and rational facts.
F —  Fabulous: Imagine a truly fabulous outcome.
T —  Trust: Believe in yourself.
Looking fear in the eye is great advice, but knowing what to do next is where most people get stuck. Use SHIFT to keep acute fear from sabotaging your personal, professional and organizational success while engaging in the much needed larger exploration. Remember, you are an important part of the solution!

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