Four Reasons Super Bowl Ads Still Dominate

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In spite of on going concerns among those in the television industry about the value of a 30 second commercial, it appears clear from a recent study by Betway that Super Bowl ads still rule the day.  The following four categories clearly point to the power of Super Bowl ads in business today.

  • The Price Per Advertisement

There is a very simple, but powerful, concept in economics — supply and demand.  There is no way that television ads would continue to generate the kind of revenues it does if it were not for the return businesses get on the investment. No other sport — NCAA Final Four, MLB World Series, or any other athletic event can “carry the water” of the Super Bowl when it comes to advertising revenue.

  • Attracting the Most Powerful Industries and Brands

The most attractive industries in the world today to advertisers are drawn to the Super Bowl like moths to flies.  The industries in the study are the leaders at leveraging media to grow. These include:

  1. Automobile
  2. Technology
  3. Beer
  4. Film
  5. and Food
  • Ad Cost Growing at an Exponential Rate

If Super Bowl ads did not work, their costs would begin to level off or even decline. That has not happened at all. In fact, they continue to grow at a rapid rate — exponential or J curve. The price per 30 second commercial has essentially doubled in the last ten years.

  • The Power of Storytelling

The most memorable advertisements ads are from the Super Bowl and they generate conversation before, during, and long after the game like no other event.


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