“Affluenza Teen,” Convicted of Killing Four and Injuring Nine, is Free

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You might remember Ethan Couch, the young man whose attorney used the “affluenza defense” in his case after killing four people and injuring nine while drunk driving.  The beer he consumed was stolen.

The Daily Best notes “Couch was sentenced to just ten years of probation and no prison time in the juvenile court case after a paid defense psychologist testified that the then-16-year-old was so wealthy and spoiled he had never learned right from wrong—or “affluenza.” The case received widespread coverage and condemnation for what many saw as a lax sentence.”

He didn’t stay out of trouble long, “Couch ran straight back into the national spotlight in 2015 when he violated probation by drinking—and playing beer pong—at a party. Couch and his mother, Tonya Couch, then famously fled to Mexico to avoid arrest.”

Here’s how it is being covered by several media sources:


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