Top 10 Tips from the Realtors’ Book on Selling Homes at Top Dollar

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  1. Sell It Lower Than Its Market Value

    It is a considerable risk to sell your home fifteen percent less than its market value, but this is the best way to send buyers or companies that buy houses running to check out your house. When you have multiple buyers, some will bid higher than what you are selling.

    9. Neatly organized closets

    Every new homeowner needs space. If you can show them just how much space you have, they will be ready to write that check. Organize your closets, so they have half their capacity to create an illusion of space.

    8. Let the light in

    Enough light into your home makes the spaces look more prominent. Plus, who doesn’t love to have enough lighting in all the rooms? Ensure nothing blocks natural lights. Cut the bushes and prune trees to make the house bright and attract buyers to compete for your home.

    6. Get the pets out

    Not everyone is a pet-lover. Although it might look cool to buyers who love pets, it is safer to keep your furry friend and their items out of sight.

    5. Only do minor fixes, not significant upgrades

    Large home improvement projects a few weeks before selling your home may not give you your money back. However, minor cosmetic fixes will pay off hugely. Get a fresh coat of paint, replace the door handle, change faulty lights, wash the curtains, and get new cabinet hardware.

    4. Remove personal items completely

    Personal items such as wall hangings and others that beautify your room make it challenging for buyers to imagine living in the house. Remove photos, keepsakes, and memorabilia collections. Instead, stage your home professionally to improve its outlook.

    3. Remodel your kitchen

    The kitchen is the center of your house – it is the first room buyers check when they get in your home. You do not have to do significant fixes unless your kitchen counter is old and worn out. Use neutral colors to allow buyers to imagine how their new kitchen will look. You can add a stainless steel appliance to create an illusion of expensive.

    2. Be ready for the show anytime

    At all times, keep your home ready for the buyers as they may call any time. Keep dirty dishes and laundry off counters and ensure every part of the house is sparkling clean. If you are still living in the house, create a routine every morning where you organize the house to keep everything in order. The routine can be as simple as taking trash out, wipe surfaces, organize closets, bookshelves, and cabinets, and keep everything clean.

    1. Curb appeal matters

    Give your home a curb appeal that lures buyers, making them want to see what is inside. If everything outside the home is disorganized and speaks of a poor taste, the buyers judge your home even before they get in. Welcome your visitors with inexpensive shrubs and flowers, painted exterior walls, fixed roof, and a good-looking driveway. It will pay off after all.

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