Is The Top Resume Worth It?

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Looking for work, it is very important to have an excellent resume, the file of which will immediately attract attention. Of all 1000 resumes sent to the company, only 50-100 of them will be viewed. It happens because nowaday most companies and agencies use a special ATS candidate selection system. More than 80% of all files fail the test and remain undetected. And of the remaining 20%, another 10% do not pay due attention or do not open at all.

If it is really important for you to get a job, your resume should not only look good, but also meet the standards of a correct and good resume, and also be catchy.


A top resume is also important if the vacancy for which you are applying for a big competition. In this case, you simply cannot catch the right resume; you also need to be creative in order to catch the attention of employers. There are several specific criteria that you should pay attention to creating your own unique resume. This is a really important step in getting a job, as through the resume would be your first unofficial acquaintance with a possible future employer.

In this article we will tell you what rules and points to follow in order to create a high-quality resume that will guarantee you a job. And also we will tell you what services you can use for not doing all the work on your resume file by yourself.


What to do to make your resume looks better?

So is top resume worth it? Definitely yes. A correctly made resume is like a portfolio or a framework that will later grow with your work experience. So don’t waste time and go and make you top resume.

There are several ways and criteria to make your resume look several times better and more correct. Let’s start in order:

  • Place all the information in your resume file as correctly as possible. Information about studies should be in a section that is strictly reserved for it. The main attention should be paid to the section in which there is information about work and experience from the previous place of work.
  • If you do not have previous work experience, there you can provide information about your study. A big plus would be if it was studying abroad. Any type of training can be included in this section simply by indicating what activity you have been involved in over the years of training.
  • No unnecessary information. Or as it is also called, no water. This is very confusing and the employer quickly misses interest in studying your file. Therefore, all information should be presented in a concise and understandable way, only the most important and basic.
  • The resume itself should not be more than one A4 page. Did you know that when viewing a resume, the employer should spend no more than three minutes to get to know him? Therefore, try to catch his attention in your favor in these three minutes.
  • Always attach a photo. Resumes in which there is a photograph, as a rule, are more successful than those in which there is simply dry information. As mentioned earlier, a resume is your first acquaintance with the employer, so you need to make sure that he immediately has a pleasant impression of your candidacy. This does not have to be a strict passport photo, on the contrary, let it be a laid-back photo where you smile. A resume with such photographs attracts and has more attention.
  • Use creativity and imagination. Everyone is already tired of the same information that everyone presents simply in different ways. Surprise your future employers, and then you can definitely count on success.


Resume writing services

If you still do not know how to make your resume looks top, then choose a one from a couple of services that will do it instead of you and will definitely help you. Now you can find a huge number of online resume writing services that can do all the work for you in the shortest possible time. Some of these services can upload a resume file to your future employer instead of you, even attaching a cover letter.

Searching writing service you should choose it according to reviews, as well as by what authors they offer to services and in which segment.


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Richard is a federal career expert and USAJOBS consultant providing professionals of all career levels – from C-suite to new graduates with targeted resumes, cover letters, and engaging LinkedIn Profiles.

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