Bike Riding Safety Tips

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Cycling is a wonderful way to stay in shape and an increasingly popular mode of transportation. However, even during a casual bike ride you find yourself exposed to the elements, vehicles, and sometimes traveling at decently fast speeds. Without proper protection, this can result in serious injury. Check out these safety tips to make your bike rides safer. 

Protect Yourself with Gear

Wearing protective gear is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary injury. A helmet can potentially save you from a terrible head injury and can possibly save your life. Wearing bright colors or reflective clothing, especially at night or on a cloudy day, will help you be seen by motorists and prevent a crash.

Proper gear also happens to be ideal if you need to take an accident to court. There are plenty of legal representatives, like this Phoenix bike accident lawyer, who represent cyclists and can thwart some claims of negligence by showing your attention to safety. 

Be Prepared for Weather

Protecting yourself from the weather doesn’t always mean rainy or cold conditions. Regardless of the weather, you should always wear sunscreen and consider covering up in breathable fabrics. You should also wear sunglasses that filter out damaging UV light. If it’s raining, wear waterproof gear. Always check the forecast and, if there’s a chance for bad weather, pack a small bag with extra clothing.

Install Safety Gear

Biking accessories not only look cool, but they can be a lifesaver. Installing a bell will help you alert those around you that you’re nearby. Front and rear lights will help you be seen, especially in low-light conditions. 

Wrapping your bike or wheels in reflective tape boosts your visibility to other oncoming vehicles. Installing mirrors will help you to see traffic behind you without having to turn your head. Whatever modifications you make, a little added protection will go a long way.

Watch Out for Hazardous Roads

When you’re out for a bike ride, be on the lookout for ice, sand, loose gravel, puddles, and other hazards. Slowing down in areas that are questionable can help you avoid a dangerous tumble. Sticking to paths that are specifically reserved to biking is a good idea, as well. If you don’t have access to such an area, just take extra care to watch out for potential obstructions and drivers. 

Don’t Drink and Bike

Did you know you can get a DUI on a bicycle? It’s true, and it happens to more riders than you might think. Before you’re in need of a Boulder DWI attorney, consider how many drinks you’ve had before hopping back on your bike.

Safety First

Get in the habit of behaving like any other vehicle when you’re on your bike. Take extra precautions and be safe not only for yourself, but those around you. You wouldn’t get in a car without wearing your seatbelt or using your vehicle’s safety features, so do the same when your on 2 wheels. 

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