How Can SMS Messaging Improve Your Sales Funnel

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How to Add Text Messages to Your Marketing Funnel

One of the most popular strategies for increasing customer loyalty to your brand is using a sales funnel. It implies increasing the interest of your target audience and encouraging them to take certain actions – from going to the site to making a purchase. You will be able to expand your circle of customers and add subscribers to your base. BSG offers a set of tools to make interaction with your target audience as easy as possible. 

Stages of a SMS marketing funnel

The marketing funnel includes several stages where users can get useful information about your company and decide whether they are ready to continue cooperating. The steps are as follows:

  • opening a message;
  • studying the proposal;
  • making a purchase.

You should send text messages only to those interested in receiving notifications. To do this, you can leave the button to subscribe or choose another method of obtaining consent to the newsletters on your main page.

Customers will be able to study the provided information and view your site from their mobile phone. Don’t forget about updating links in time and the availability of up-to-date information on the offered pages.

Funnel metrics you should be following

When building relationship with your clients, you need to consider the interests of your target audience. If you are helpful to every user, you will see an increase in conversion rates on your site. To increase loyalty, you can offer additional privileges in the form of free shipping, purchase bonuses and other little things that will become a pleasant reward.

Using SMS marketing with the help of email automation methods can significantly reduce the time for sending messages. In such notifications, you can thank your customers for registering or send your latest news.

To find out how effective your chosen strategy is, you need to monitor the conversion and the level of customer engagement. To do this, you can use the tools available at

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