What Should You Know About CloudSuite Consulting Support for Your Retail Business?

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CloudSuite is state-of-the-art CRM software for businesses of all sizes. You can use it to reduce your business’s complexities, optimise the supply chain, and exceed customer expectations. If you’re running a retail store, your business will benefit significantly by adopting resources like Infor CloudSuite software.


To get the most out of the tools, you’d have to work with a CloudSuite consulting company like ComActivity. In this article, learn all that you need to know about such consultants before working with them.


Hire Retail-Specific CloudSuite Consultants


There are different types of consultants serving different sectors. So you’ve got consultants for healthcare, eCommerce, finance, education, among other sectors. If you’re operating in retail, you must hire consultants that specialise in retail consulting.


They’re adept at creating a cloud infrastructure optimised for a retail store. For supply chain management, you need to configure for:


  • Purchase order and requisitioning
  • EDI processing
  • Quote management
  • Vendor performance tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Outside process management


Each section has further got several modules. A consultant that specialises in retail will be able to configure the software faster than those lacking the expertise. So, you should check if the CloudSuite consultant specialises in retail operations.


You’d have to Define IAM Policies


If you’re unaware of IAM policies, then it’s high time that you do get acquainted with them. While the consultant is capable of defining the policies, it’d depend on your inputs.


IAM stands for Identity Access Management and protects from unauthorised access to your data. You’d have to define who is authorised to view what type of data.


With unauthorised access, you run the risk of phishing attacks that’d leak the information.


In-shore or Virtual Consultants


You can hire two types of consultants for CloudSuite, namely, in-shore consultants and virtual consultants. With in-shore consultants, you can have face-to-face meetings and critical discussions. But with virtual consultants, all you can do is give directions and orders.


So, you need to have a good understanding of the CloudSuite system before you work with a virtual consultant.


Pricing Model Varies


CloudSuite consultants may charge differently based on their business models. In most cases, they’ll either charge every month or on an hourly basis.


No one model is better than the other, and it depends on which one you prefer to work with. If you’re working on an hourly basis, then you must plan your operations. Otherwise, this will drive the cost up.


You agree on a fixed cost for monthly rates and can avail of the services for as many hours as you want.


Not Every Consultant Offers 24X7 support


Just like not every CloudSuite consultant follows the same pricing model, not every consultant offers the same support hours. So you can have one consultant available only during office hours, while other consultants will only offer support 3-4 hours in a day. If you need support outside of these hours, then expect to pay extra. Some consultants will also provide 24X7 support. It essentially depends on what your requirements are.


CloudSuite is one of the most powerful CRMs available for retail stores. But you can only realise its fullest potential by hiring a reputed consultant. When working with a consultant like ComActivity, keep the above things in mind. Otherwise, you’d find yourself with more work to do later.

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