4 Things To Pack For a Vacation to Mexico

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As travel bans start to lift and people are beginning to travel again, many people are packing up their bags for Mexico. A trip to Mexico is a wonderful opportunity to see one of the most gorgeous parts of the world. From beaches to beautiful museums to some of the most delicious food on the planet, Mexico is a fantastic vacation destination.

However, your trip can easily be thrown for a loop if you don’t make sure to pack the right items. Forgetting something for a trip can make or break the experience. If you’re packing your suitcase from Mexico, make sure that you include the following items.

Warm Weather Clothing

When it comes to weather, there is warm weather—and then there’s Mexican weather. Mexico temperatures can soar extremely high, and on top of that, pack a punch of humidity. A lot of people pack clothing that doesn’t stand the test of the temperatures. So, it’s important that you pack comfortable fitting shirts made of breathable cotton that won’t cause you to overheat.

Depending on the season you’re going, it’s hot from sunrise to sundown. You won’t even need pants once the sun comes down— you should just stick to shorts. However, if you’re going during the winter, you may want to pack a light pair of pants for evening time.

Small Backpack

A lot of people overpack when they go to Mexico. Although you may need a lot of what you pack, you may need not need it all the time. There are likely going to be a lot of day trips like going to the beach or checking out local ruins. It’s important that you have a smaller bag to carry what you need with you. You may even decide to stay overnight in another location bringing only some of your belongings. A backpack makes sure, but you can do that without having to haul everything.


Although your smartphone is fine for taking photos, it doesn’t capture absolutely everything. A separate camera will capture all of the nuances that a smartphone simply can’t. Not only that, it makes it easier to pull out and capture something on the fly, unlike a smartphone. Your smartphone may be deep in your pocket, whereas a camera you can carry around your neck easily.


You may have heard about Montezuma’s revenge. It’s more than just a rumor; it’s a real thing. If you start to notice any signs of a tummy ache, you need to take charcoal right away. Food poisoning can be quickly solved with charcoal which quickly absorbs harmful pathogens. That way, you don’t have to worry about experiencing food poisoning on your vacation.

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