“What Can I Do to Keep From Becoming Complacent?”

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By: Ruth King


This question stumped me.  It was asked by one of my clients who is doing really well.  His business is stable and growing profitably.

Perhaps the question might have been, “What Can I do to Keep from Getting Bored?”

Or, “What can I do to keep excited about the business?”

As leaders, our employees know when we are in a good mood, a bad mood, when something is going well, and when something is going wrong.  How do you keep up the enthusiasm so that your employees stay enthusiastic about the business even when you don’t feel enthusiastic?

After thinking about this for a long time I decided that the best way to keep from getting complacent is to do something different:

  • It could be as mundane as: if you always take one route to the office, take another one.
  • Go to a trade show from an industry that is not ours. What do they do differently?  Talk to the people and you might get some great ideas for the business.
  • Or, start working with a non-profit. There are always ways that you can contribute, your employees can get involved, and make it a company function.  That will get you out of boredom. That could also get you excited about the business again.
  • Or, become a director for a company who is looking for advisory board members. You’ll get to work on another strategic plan, problems, and issues.  It might actually give new perspectives that you can apply to your company.
  • Finally, if you like to travel, take a trip. Try a long weekend first so that you’ll feel better about leaving for a day or two.  Then a week.  Then two weeks.  Then three weeks…

As long as you have a management team in place that can handle the business in your absence, then you should be fine.  You’ll get new perspectives that you can bring back.

Outside interests, being a director or advisor for profits or non-profit companies, and other activities that get you away from your business will help you from becoming complacent.

Ruth King is known globally as the “Profitability Master,” and is a a thought leader in entrepreneurship and business. Her books have been recognized as among the greatest in numerous industries. Learn more about all her business activities here

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