5 Tips for Combating Climate Change

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There is so much news thrown at you from every angle every day, it can be difficult to decipher. Climate change has been at the forefront of the news for a long time now. Often referred to as global warming, climate change is a serious issue plaguing our planet right now and it is the responsibility of all of us to try to help slow it down or reverse it. Of course, you may hear all types of different information about climate change from various sources and it can be hard to know what you can do. Here are 5 tips for combating climate change.

Use Less Energy

Using less energy at your home (or at your business if you are a business owner) is one of the first and most important steps you can take in your quest to combat and reverse climate change. You can start by conserving energy at home and doing things like getting your furnace repaired on a regular basis so that it is always in working order.

Get News From Different Sources

Getting your news from all sorts of different sources is an excellent way to understand what you are reading/watching. Many sources report on climate change on a regular basis so you’ll have plenty of options for places to learn from. Just make sure that you are only getting news from reputable sources so that you aren’t being fed misinformation.

Learn About The Science

Take it upon yourself to do some research or even take a class so that you can learn about the science of climate change and you will have a better understanding of it as a whole. Once you better understand climate change, you’ll be equipped to start trying to combat it.


Recycling is another thing you can easily do at home and at work that is good for the environment. Make sure to learn what materials can be recycled and then have a designated place for recyclables. Every time you recycle you are doing your part to slow down climate change.


Emissions from cars are one of the biggest issues that contribute to climate change. Carpooling or utilizing public transportation is a great way to help. If you live near a coworker, consider taking turns driving to work. The less you drive your car, the fewer emissions you are putting out and the fewer the cars on the road the more it will help with climate change.

Although it is a serious issue, climate change can be stopped if we all work together. Try out some of the tips above and educate yourself about the issue at hand so that you can help build a better future for humanity.

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