Judith Durham of The Seekers Dies at 79

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In 1962, Judith Durham of The Seekers rose to fame with her Oscar-nominated song “Georgy Girl.” In this article, you’ll learn how she achieved fame and what caused her death. In addition, you’ll learn more about her career, including her role on the Oscar-nominated song “Georgy Girl.”

Judith Durham was an Australian folk singer

Judith Durham, a renowned Australian folk singer, died on Friday night. She was 79 years old and died from complications related to lung disease. Durham’s career as a singer started at an early age, and she rose to fame with her band, The Seekers. In 1963, the band was one of the first Australian bands to reach major sales and chart success in the U.K., and she then embarked on a solo career. However, she did get back together with the Seekers in the 1990s to record her last album.

She sang on Oscar-nominated song “Georgy Girl”

The Grammy-nominated and Oscar-nominated “Georgia Girl” is a powerful, moving song that was written for the film of the same name. Durham’s voice evokes memories of the late singer’s life, which included the loss of her husband to motor neuron disease in 1990. Throughout her life, she continued to raise awareness about the disease. Despite being a popular pop singer, she did not consider herself a celebrity. Despite her huge popularity, however, Durham remained a fan favorite and has devoted much of her life to her art.

She rose to fame in 1962

She met and married actor Ron Edgeworth in 1969, who became her musical director. The two became best friends and shaped her solo career. In 1994, Edgeworth passed away from Motor Neuron Disease.

Her band was a worldwide success

The late singer and songwriter Judith Durham began her solo career in 1968. She also formed a group called The Seekers. The Seekers reached international stardom and became one of Australia’s biggest chart-topping acts. Durham was awarded the Centenary Medal in 2003 and the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1995. In the 1990s, the band reunited and toured.

Her last album was released in 2018

The 79-year-old singer-songwriter was an iconic figure in Australian folk music. During her prolific career, she gained worldwide fame through her hit songs and her piano playing. Despite a stroke in 2013, Durham continued to sing and write, and her final album, So Much More, was released in 2018. During her career, she earned many accolades including the Order of Australia Medal and the Centenary Medal for services to music. She was also named Victorian of the Year in 2005.


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