5 Guaranteed Ways To Encourage Your Target Audience Engagement

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Recently, Christy Kiltz spoke on the Price of Business.

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If you have taken the time to identify and focus on your Unique Value Proposition(UVP) and the solutions you provide, and you’ve identified your target market, there’s one other important element that you need to consider.

How do you build the bridge of engagement between you and your target market? 

We’re going to look at 5 elements… some questions that you should ask in order to build the engagement bridge.

What is the #1 question you get asked about your services?

Think about the phone calls and conversations that you have with potential customers. What do you get asked the most? 

As people are looking for solutions to their needs, they need answers. And if they don’t find them from you, the chance of them going to your competitor is greater. If you pay attention to the top questions you are asked and provide that information on your website and marketing, you will build trust quicker, and they will want to do business with you because you’ve helped them along the way.

This doesn’t mean you must share prices, but you can answer the question around price so that people understand your process and the value that you bring to the table with your services.

What should your ideal customer be asking you that they aren’t asking yet?

What questions do you wish you would get asked when talking to potential clients? What do they need to know about you that they’re not thinking about? 

People simply don’t know what they don’t know. As you educate people you will be building authority and trust with them.

For example, I wish people would ask me more about my process. What is the journey I’m going to take them on that will result in them getting a website that will engage visitors? What elements do I include that make a pretty website an engaging one? 

What language do these customers use to identify their current problem or need?

Have you ever had someone explain something technical or difficult and you simply got it? Where it resonated with you and completely made sense?

Every industry has its own “geek speak”. The terminology that runs in the industry. 

The important thing here is that your potential customers don’t know the “geek”. And if you’re simply spewing “geek” on your website and in your marketing, why do you expect them to do business with you? 

Take time to learn “English”. Truly listen to your customers. How are they identifying their need? What words do they use in explaining their need? Take the words and phrases and use them to translate the “geek” that you need to have them know into the “English” they are speaking.

Use these words and phrases as you’re communicating to them, as you’re talking about the solutions you bring. You’ll connect with them simply because you’re talking to them exactly like they are thinking. 

What is their greatest hesitation in trying out your services?

As people travel the journey from discovering their need to purchasing the product or service that will solve the need, they are looking for more than just a “widget” or “thing” to buy. We all make decisions based on our core needs of survival. 

As you’re talking with potential customers and they are hesitating to make the purchase, pay close attention to the questions they are asking, or the things that they are saying. They are voicing concerns, there are inner core needs that need to be met in order for them to be fully satisfied.

Take these talking points and integrate them into your website, your marketing and pull them into your conversations while you are outlining the journey to success. 

What does your customer need to believe before purchasing your services?

Believe it or not, we cannot make logic only decisions. The limbic system is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory, feelings, and emotions and is the driver of all of our behaviors. It also plays a big role in making decisions. Of course, logic plays a role in making decisions, but the part of your brain that makes decisions is the part responsible for feelings and emotions. 

If your customer intrinsically believes and feels in their gut that your service will truly help them, the chance of a sale greatly increases. 

So, what do they need to believe? This information comes from listening to customers. Paying attention to the conversations you have once a purchase has been made. 

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Christy Kiltz is the owner of Design! By Kiltz Internet Solutions and has been taking care of business owners online since 2001. Her high-touch digital agency is located in Southern Oregon and provides comprehensive online marketing services and technology solutions that free up business owners to focus on what they love to do instead.

According to Christy, “Service-based business clients come to us spinning their wheels trying to make money online. We form a partnership to turn their websites into lead-generating machines. Our White Glove Growth program is designed to help you get more leads and grow your business.”

In addition to building websites and offering technical support, Christy’s primary focus is education and empowerment. By toning down the “geek” and offering practical tools easily understood by non-technical folks, Christy opens the black box of technology with classes, webinars, and web tips developed to demystify digital marketing. With ease and a bit of humor, she reminds us that while technology continues to move forward at warp speed, many foundational marketing principles remain.

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