How Nature-Inclusive Design Is Shaping the Future of Urban Real Estate

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Everyone wants a space that they call their own. Whether it is a condominium or a house inside a subdivision, families and professionals want a haven where they can find peace away from the hustle and bustle of city living. We can already see the trend of having parks close to residential development, such as villages or upscale communities with magnificent city skyline views. Besides convenience, residents crave a home with fresh air and unwind in the middle of the city. In this article, we’ll provide several cities in Metro Manila and properties that showcase this type of urban design: 


First on our list is the Financial Capital of the Philippines. Makati City is home to one of the world’s most recognized companies and corporations. Due to its business opportunities, some foreigners and expats reside in the city. The reputation of Makati makes it also appealing for fresh graduates and young professionals to work here. Besides that, the town’s attractiveness is a great driving force for residential developments to prosper. 

Residents can also find Makati refreshing and mesmerizing because green spaces are a stone’s throw away from office buildings,  condominiums, and villages. The city also encourages its residents, professionals, and tourists to walk, exercise, or hang out with their families in parks like the following:

Ayala Triangle Gardens 

Ayala Triangle Gardens is a 2-hectare open green space at the heart of Makati Central Business District (CBD). Anyone who wants to chill on the premises can experience being surrounded by lush trees and well-manicured lawns. Ayala Triangle is also perfect for picnics and recreational activities during their free time. 

Also, during the holidays, like the Christmas Season, the city government holds the Festival of Lights in Ayala Triangle. Here, anyone in and out of the city looks forward to the captivating trees lit up and completely in sync with the Yuletide songs. Sometimes, they also invite local artists and even choirs to accompany their guests to embrace the joy of the holidays. 

Jaime C. Velasquez Park 

Jaime Velasquez Park or Salcedo Park is located in Barangay Bel-Air. Barangay Bel-Air is one of the wealthiest areas in the city. It consists of 4 Phases, including Salcedo Village. Salcedo Park is just a stone’s throw away from the houses and condominiums of Bel-Air. The park has a playground where kids can play, a pavilion ideal for a meeting point, and a walking path surrounding the premises. 

Here, pet owners can walk their fur babies, residents can bond with their neighbors, and even students can conduct dance projects in a vibrant space. Salcedo Park is also a venue for art in the park. The contest started in 2006 and showcases artists’ works from various galleries, schools, and organizations.

The ambiance of Makati City is about more than just business and commercial establishments. The perfect combination of modernity and nature makes it appealing to live in. Makati City caters to corporations and promotes a work-life balance for its residents.


Besides Makati, Taguig is one of the iconic National Capital Region (NCR) cities. The city also houses iconic business districts like Bonifacio Global City and emerging ones like Arca South in Barangay Western Bicutan. 

Like the previous one, Taguig is full of greenery and trees, providing fresh air to its residents and visitors alike. Some of the green spaces around the city include: 

Terra 28th

BGC is home to dozens of parks, including Terra 28th. Situated just a few minutes away from luxurious condominiums like One McKinley Place, Two Serendra, and The Suites, Terra 28th offers a serene and nature-filled environment amidst the bustling city. 

Residents who acquired a property in BGC have the luxury of playing and unwinding in one of the biggest parks in the city. Terra 28th is also near companies and corporations, making it a perfect hangout spot after spending a long day at the office.

Kids and young adults can also enjoy the amenities and facilities inside the park, like go-karts, biking, renting an e-scooter, and even playing with legos alongside their babies. Every weekend, a street is reserved for people to lay back, relax, and be one with nature. 

Burgos Circle Park

BGC is more than just a business and commercial center. It is also where the art scene flourishes. Dozens of artworks, such as murals and installations beside offices, condominiums, and malls, create a lively atmosphere in the district. 

One of those artworks, The Trees, is at the center of Burgos Circle Park. A renowned Filipino artist, Reynato Paz Contreras, made it. The park is just one of the many spots where residents and tourists can enjoy public art while appreciating nature. The Trees feature three trunks woven with their leaves, forming a dome. The artwork shows that after all the progress in a growing society, nature and humans should co-exist because nothing will come into being without the other.

One Bonifacio High Street Park

One Bonifacio High Street Park is located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, and across from it is the famous Ther Mind Museum. The open green space is most active during weekends when family and friends converge, converse, and chill under the shade of trees. 

There are also dozens of restaurants and food stalls around the premises. Its aesthetic design makes it attractive for both residents living in the condominiums and tourists passing in the vibrant ambiance of BGC.

Taguig City is not just a business hub but also boasts an array of green spaces and water features for residents and tourists to explore. From large parks that serve as leisure areas to small pockets of nature amidst urban development, Taguig is a wonder for someone who wants to live in a home encircled by nature. The city’s commitment to promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through its green initiatives makes it a desirable place to live in.

Muntinlupa City

To make a list of nature-inclusive cities, you must include the Emerald City. Muntinlupa is in the southernmost part of Metro Manila, but it is still as interconnected as any city in the region. 

The view of Muntinlupa City is calm and pedestrian-friendly, so anyone can quickly move around. There are public transportation terminals that can get you anywhere in the city. But aside from that, Muntinlupa also prides itself on having green developments, including Filinvest City in the Alabang Business District. The 244-hectare development has two parks, recreational sites, a Mountain Bike Trail, and Event Grounds where residents and guests can participate. The towering skyscrapers and villages in the city can easily access the following parks

Spectrum Linear Park 

Green spaces significantly impact residents, professionals, and tourists alike. Spectrum Linear Park is one of the green initiatives of Filinvest City to make it nature-inclusive for everyone. The park features tree-canopied walkways and beautifully landscaped pathways that provide a refreshing retreat from the surrounding urban environment. It’s a place where residents and visitors can enjoy a stroll, engage in outdoor fitness activities, or simply relax amid nature.

One of the park’s highlights is its seating areas, which are functional and aesthetically pleasing. These areas are well-lit, making the park a safe and inviting space even after sunset. Moreover, the park is adorned with stimulating outdoor art, adding to its appeal and charm.

Filinvest City Central Park

Do you want to relax or bond with your family and friends after work? Just beside Spectrum Linear Park, the Filinvest City Central Park is a spacious green space where anyone can jog, ride a bike, and much more. The expanding space filled with fresh air and lush greeneries makes it a favorite destination for students and professionals alike. 


There is both a bike and a scooter rental on the premises, so their guest can just ride through the vast expanse of the park. The park’s walkability is also one aspect that attracts people from all walks of life. Combined with Spectrum Linear Park’s artworks and Central Park’s recreational offerings, the Alabang Business District transforms into a lively ambiance.

Even though positioned in the south, Muntinlupa has much to offer for residents who choose to own a property in the city. Green spaces and recreational areas abound, providing a refreshing contrast to the bustling urban landscape. The city’s commitment to sustainable development is evident in its eco-friendly initiatives and well-maintained parks. Additionally, Muntinlupa boasts diverse amenities, from shopping districts to cultural hubs, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. As home to modern conveniences and natural beauty, Muntinlupa stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of urban living and the tranquility of nature.


In conclusion, the future of urban real estate is shifting towards a more nature-inclusive design. Cities like Makati, Taguig, and Muntinlupa are leading this transformation by incorporating green spaces into their urban environments. Not only do these spaces provide an aesthetic appeal, but they also offer a multitude of benefits, such as promoting well-being, fostering community interactions, and enhancing quality of life. As we move forward, it’s clear that integrating nature into urban planning and real estate development will continue to shape our cities, making them healthier, more sustainable, and more enjoyable places to live and work.

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