Exhibiting in the UK From the US

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When it comes to expanding your business into a new market, the UK is a brilliant choice. Not only is exhibiting in the UK cheaper, than in America, but the UK is also one of the best entryways into the European market.

Expanding your business reach by exhibiting at trade shows abroad can help you reach new markets, build brand awareness, and generate leads. The UK has a plethora of high-profile trade shows that can help your company make an impact. Also, recent statistics demonstrate that UK trade shows are increasing in value. A recent Bellwether report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) for Q1 2024 shows UK companies are raising their marketing budgets and investing a record-breaking increase in in-person marketing events.

Key differences

Though there are differences between exhibiting in the UK and the US, they are mostly language-based! Listed below is some US vs UK terminology, however, Britts will understand you if you use the American terminology.

  • Trade Show vs. Exhibition / Trade Fair – Trade show is used in the US and exhibition is used in the UK. Both words refer to a meeting place for businesses to show off their products or services.
  • Booth vs. Exhibition Stand – In the US the booth or exhibit booth refers to the structure businesses use to show off their products. In the UK this structure is referred to as the exhibition stand.
  • Exhibition Designer vs Stand Contractor – In the US, companies that built exhibit booths are referred to as Exhibition Designers whereas, companies that build exhibition stands in the UK are known as stand contractors.

Benefits of exhibiting in the UK from abroad

Access New Markets

Exhibiting in the UK from the US is a fantastic way to break into the British and European markets. UK trade shows attract thousands of people and have a high percentage of European attendees. This means you can vastly broaden your market, without the stress of speaking a new language.


The networking opportunities at UK exhibitions are endless as each show hosts thousands of visitors and on average 80% have buying influence. The sheer number of visitors is useful, as it allows you to introduce your brand to a new market or boost brand awareness, and you come face-to-face with thousands of prospective customers. Not to mention, visitors typically only attend shows if they have a genuine buying interest, so the opportunity is fantastic. In-person marketing also humanizes your company. Especially if your business has been introduced to the UK market online, meeting you in person makes you seem far more personable, memorable and trustworthy to prospective clients.

These networking opportunities also extend to fellow exhibitors and guest speakers. Speaking to other exhibitors can help you expand your supply chain or find new business strategies. Equally, connecting with keynote speakers allows you to find the latest industry insights and learn from certified experts!

Assess the competition

When you only exhibit in your home market, you are often exposed to the same competition every time. Exhibiting abroad allows you to assess your competition in a new market. Maybe you have a unique selling point in the UK that you don’t have in the US. Maybe competitors are using successful marketing strategies you could integrate into your company. Whether it’s noticing where your company could improve, or identifying how your company is unique, seeing the competition is never a bad thing.

How to Choose an Exhibition Stand Partner

Exhibiting in the UK comes with the additional pressure of finding a reliable exhibition stand design and build contractor remotely. When exhibiting overseas, you want a company familiar with UK rules and regulations. Choose a UK supplier who can work throughout the UK and Europe. Companies like Quadrant2Design, a UK-based exhibition stand designer are practised with European exhibitions and regulations, and all services are performed in-house, for stress-free exhibiting.


In conclusion, exhibiting in the UK from the US offers numerous benefits such as access to new markets, networking opportunities, and the chance to assess the competition in a new market. It’s crucial to understand the terminology differences and choose a reliable exhibition stand partner when exhibiting in the UK. Overall, expanding business reach through UK trade shows can be a strategic and advantageous move for companies looking to make an impact in British and European markets.

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