Seeking Peace in a Chaotic World

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Rev. Barbara Lane to provide another commentary in a series.

The Rev. Barbara Lane Commentaries

For all of you dreamers out there, don’t let the chaos of the world dishearten your spirit. Everything you need to find peace and happiness is already present in your life. Surround yourself with love and positive influences, and you will see that anything is possible.

This is Reverend Barbara Lane, and I have an important message for you. It’s true, we are currently facing difficult times, yet my hope is to guide you on how to navigate through them. Even if you were not taught the emotional and spiritual tools needed, you can still acquire them at any point in your life. So why not start today?

It’s so important to understand that how you view yourself is elemental to how you cope with difficult circumstances. You see, your self-perception has been shaped by those who raised you, educated you, praised or criticized you. There are both good and bad aspects passed down to you. The key is to weed out the negative thoughts – the lies you were told to believe – and focus on nurturing the positive ones.

The first step is recognizing your true identity, which may be different from what you currently perceive. But regardless of your past, present, or future, know that you were born and remain connected to Spirit. We often forget this connection, but it is never truly lost.

To achieve this first step, you must listen to your thoughts. Write them down and identify the ones that are critical, negative, or chaotic. Replace them with positive affirmations about yourself and the world around you.

This requires consistent repetition to drown out the negativity that you probably have carried from your childhood forward. It’s like resetting your mind and filling it with an accurate recording.

Start with a prayer, a positive affirmation, or a phrase that awakens you to remember who you truly are—a divine child of God, The Universe, The Ultimate – whatever reference is comfortable for you. Correcting your thoughts will provide the first step to seeking peace in a chaotic world.


Rev. Barbara Lane, MA, OMC


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