Netflix Winning Streak Ends with this Expensive Disaster

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Netflix’s rise as a major player in the development of entertainment has become legendary.  It regularly gets nominated for and receives some of the biggest awards in Hollywood.  Its most recent project is incredibly expensive ($90 million), but is being panned in the most horrible terms possible as a disaster.

The Daily Beast notes….

Bright is a misnomer on two levels. First of all, the majority of Netflix’s new $90 million original movie takes place at night and in fairly dingy rooms, and that, in combination with how the whole production is lit, means that most of the action is obscured and visually unintelligible. Secondly, there’s nothing about this movie that’s an inherently good idea—or rather, very generously speaking, maybe the story could have made some valid points about the state of race relations in America with a little more thought. But as things stand, Bright plays like the kind of movie a kid might make up (“And then this happens! And then this happens!”) if they were given a very rough overview of American history and then told to write a script about it. It’s almost worse that that’s not the case—scratch that, it is worse—but we’ll get to that.

Directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad) and written by Max Landis (Victor Frankenstein), Netflix’s new original movie is perpetually surprising in how off the rails it goes in terms of intent versus… (READ MORE)

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