The Founders Of What Goes Around Comes Around Respond To Chanel Lawsuit

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What Goes Around Comes Around is the world’s preeminent seller of luxury preowned accessories and apparel. Over 25 years, we have built a brand which is synonymous with quality and authenticity.  Our loyal and rapidly growing customer base confirms the substantial value we provide in our offering.

Recently, Chanel has brought claims of false advertising, trademark infringement, unfair competition and deceptive business practices against us.  The allegations are unfounded.  We will vigorously defend this action and assert our rights against any interference with our successful business.

We take meticulous care in sourcing our authentic offerings.  Our team has twenty-five years training and knowledge in identifying genuine product and we offer only product that has been fully vetted by us.  For example, each product goes through a multi-step verification process.  Contrary to the allegations in the complaint, we do not sell counterfeit merchandise – all of the products we offer for sale are genuine.

There is nothing ambiguous or confusing about our business model.  Chanel’s claims to the contrary only evidence a desire to control the after-market for their products.  Indeed, Chanel’s complaint identifies only two instances of allegedly counterfeit offerings and neither is a valid claim – in fact, one is a listing on Amazon which was not placed by us and the other is an authentic Chanel product.  We are fully entitled to offer such genuine products on our site, in our stores and to our retail partners.

Our customers love us and we love them, and they know the integrity and fine reputation our company enjoys.  This year is our 25th anniversary.  We intend to celebrate it proudly, with our heads held high.  We have never misled anyone into believing we have any type of relationship with Chanel or that the merchandise we sell is anything but authentic and valuable.

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