The Bitter Truth About Sugar

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97% of dieters who lose weight will regain it within 3 years according to some studies.  Diets fail mostly due to misplaced emphasis on calorie restriction.  This conventional dogma misses an emerging but crucial angle to solving the obesity problem.  Food Intolerance.  By some estimates, as many as 70% of Americans may have some form of food intolerance.  This has been attributed to too much sugar and over processing of our food supply.  The consequence of food intolerance is chronic inflammation.  The latter has been linked to the growing pandemic of chronic diseases afflicting not just the US, but the entire globe.  Disease such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cancer and even dementia.   Understanding and treating food intolerance may just hold the key to solving the rising obesity epidemic in the US and around the world.

“Sugar is not a sweet treat, but a bitter threat to health.” — Ife Ojugbeli

Dr. Ife Ojugbeli practices Internal Medicine in the greater Syracuse area and is a certified Life Coach.  He believes that it is possible to lead an active and vibrant life even at 100.  In a nearly 30-year career in three different countries, he is convinced that the rising obesity epidemic is the single greatest threat to active longevity.  That is why he has written The FIX Diet, a book with a comprehensive approach to dealing with obesity.

The FIX Diet is a book not about dieting but a handy lifestyle coaching guide intended to show the reader the skills for adopting healthy lifestyle.  Skills such as staying motivated, stress management and overcoming emotional eating.

It also provides an easy to follow process to identify and treat food intolerance, the role of a healthy gut in maintaining a healthy weight and a quick self-assessment for potential medical obstacles to weight loss. The FIX diet is an easy read and has several delicious recipes.

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