How to Become a Better Leader

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In Embrace the Ridiculousness of Life: A Pocket Guide to Being a Better You, comedian and life coach Jen Coken teaches readers how to “let go” while they are, actually, ahem, letting go. The book dispenses 12 easily digestible lessons leaders can quickly apply to their lives. In other words, the type of reading that one might do in the bathroom while “taking care of business.”

As Coken likes to say, “We all need seven to eight hours of delicious sleep and a good morning poop to be right for the day. This 70-page book can be read in one single flush; it will give you a new ability to manage your staff, ask for a raise or go to work with a new attitude.”

Coken believes that a lot of business books are kind of dry and that everyone does better when they laugh at their own foibles and don’t take themselves so seriously. The wisdom contained in Embrace the Ridiculousness of Life is the byproduct of lessons Coken developed after coaching 10,000 clients over the past 20 years. Among those clients were members of Congress, CEOs, executive directors of nonprofits, entrepreneurs and college students.

In all, there are 12 lessons or steps contained in the book each receiving its own chapter. For example:

  • Don’t set smart goals –they are stupid
  • Shut your inner critic up
  • Just be you, you’re enough
  • Play big without burning out
  • Cut this one question out of your vocabulary
  • Kiss people-pleasing goodbye
  • Stop, drop, and roll out of tough conversations

Praise for Embrace the Ridiculousness

Jen Coken’s new book Embrace the Ridiculousness of Life: A Pocket Guide to Being a Better You, will give every reader important lessons on how to get out of their own way, to be more successful in life and at work. Getting out of your own way is at the heart of Managing Up. I love it!”— Mary Abbajay, author Managing Up,President and CEO, Careerstone Group, LLC

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