A New Model of Security

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Genaro García Luna’s book, “Seguridad Con Bienestar. Un nuevo modela integral de seguridad,” was analyzed by El Financiero – Bloomberg in an article titled “Violencia e involución de las instituciones de seguridad en México.”

Genaro Garcia Luna, secretary of Public Security under the administration of the ex-president, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, presents in his book a unique vision of the model of security which begins with a summary of the history of crime in Mexico; in it, he compares five cities: ChicagoNew York, Palermo, Medellin, and Ciudad Juarez, all of whom faced an important fight against organized crime.

The model of “Seguridad Con Bienestar®” that Genaro García Luna proposes explains how the security is much more than producing low levels of violence and crime; security is composed of a multidimensional effort that cannot be brought to completion without turning to the fortitude of the institutions and the well-being of everyone.

Tony Payan, the author of the article for El Financiero – Bloomberg, wrote, “…Between the lines, the reader will find a richness of statistics, a richness of theory and analysis, the precision of which speaks from deep experience with the subject of security in Mexico and of which understands the problem as something much more than to simply equip and prepare policies: like a subject of human and national development, of science and technology, of society and the economy. All in all, like a policy of state.” With it, Payan introduced the concept of the GLAC index as the statistic base and the analytical base of historical information for the construction of the model from “Seguridad Con Bienestar®.”

About GLAC Consulting: Besides the GLAC index, GLAC Consulting offers integral solutions in security, technology, and risk analysis all over the world. Under the direction of Genaro Garcia Luna, GLAC Consulting is a company of risk analysis that has the tools to strengthen, in different spheres, security schematics.

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