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Laurick Ingram started thinking about long-term financial security while working his way through college at a convenience store. Ten years later he found a real-life example of it in a wealthy self-made friend and mentor. But it took 15 more years of sitting on the sidelines before he finally started doing something about it.

Suddenly realizing that if he lost his job he’d be bankrupt in six months, Ingram took a closer look at the money lessons he’d heard about for so long and started putting them to use, eventually enabling both he and his wife to retire early and in comfort, and to focus on sharing their experiences and good fortune with others and their community.

In his new book, GIVE AND SAVE 365 Easy Money Management Guide, Ingram teaches readers of all ages how to change the way they think about money, quickly and simply, so that they can immediately start rewriting their financial story to include a happy ending, not just for them, but for their community and causes; that’s the “give” side of the program. Whether the goal is to get out of debt, build a nest egg or stop working sooner, Ingram’s fast-read approach to money management – distilled even further in the book’s “Five-Minute Crash Course,” a single, life-changing lesson that’s key to financial health – will get readers there. That’s the “save” side. Ingram guarantees it.

“Get on board with the plan and over time you’ll save enough to give $10,000 to whatever church, charity or group you’re committed to supporting and still be able to keep over three times as much in your own pocket,” he says. “GIVE AND SAVE 365 will make you feel good about what you’re doing with your money and even better about what it’s doing for you and others.”

Ingram has taken his many years of financial know-how, honed through his involvement in Polaris Investment Club, a Chapter of Better Investing, his membership in the American Association of Individual Investors, and his personal experience counseling hundreds of people from all walks of life struggling with financial insecurity to create a simple blueprint that anyone can follow to get out of debt and attain long-term fiscal freedom. GIVE AND SAVE 365 provides the tools to enrich both life and community.

Laurick lives in South Florida with his wife, Kim, and their two sons, Joshua and Jawanza. Through reading, studying, writing, teaching, and speaking, he has devoted himself and his company, GIVE AND SAVE 365, LLC, to the mission of teaching anyone who wants to learn how to use every dollar they get to add value to their lives and the lives of others. For more information about Laurick go to his website www.giveandsave365.com.

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