Celebration of Everything Crab is Back

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Crabfest®, the ultimate celebration of everything crab, is back at Red Lobster®! For a limited time, guests are invited to discover bigger and better ways to enjoy the largest variety of crab offered all year. Crab lovers can choose from options like NEW! Jumbo Snow and Dungeness crab as well as guest-favorite King crab, available while supplies last exclusively during Crabfest.

The return of Crabfest means guests can explore new crab combinations and preparations like the NEW! Crabfest® Combo and NEW! Crab-Topped Stuffed Shrimp and Salmon, along with a selection of classic favorites, like the Crab Lover’s Dream®.

This year’s Crabfest lineup features a variety of craveable combinations, including:

  • NEW! Crabfest® Combo – More than a pound of Jumbo Snow crab legs paired with a Pacific Northwest favorite, wild-caught Dungeness crab. Served with choice of side.
  • NEW! Crab-Topped Stuffed Shrimp and Salmon – Crab topped seafood-stuffed shrimp finished with a citrus-and-herb beurre blanc, paired with fresh Atlantic salmon and drizzled with Red Lobster’s signature olive oil. Served with rice and choice of side.
  • Crab Lover’s Dream® – Wild-caught Jumbo Snow crab legs and North Pacific King crab legs, paired with Red Lobster’s signature Crab Linguini Alfredo. Served with choice of side.
  • Crabfest® Ultimate Surf & Turf – Crab topped seafood-stuffed shrimp finished with a citrus-and-herb beurre blanc, paired with a wood-grilled sirloin steak. Served with mashed potatoes and choice of side.
  • NEW! Crab-Topped Tilapia – Crab topped seafood-stuffed tilapia, roasted and finished with a citrus-and-herb beurre blanc. Served with choice of two sides.

For even more ways to enjoy crab, guests can also choose from favorite dishes featuring crab, like the Ultimate Feast®, Crab Linguini Alfredo and Wild-Caught Snow Crab Dinner.

“During Crabfest, our guests get the unique opportunity to explore a variety of different types of crab, all on one plate,” said Chef Dustin Hilinski, Executive Chef and Director of Culinary at Red Lobster. “Whether it’s freshly steamed Jumbo Snow crab legs, crab-topped seafood stuffed shrimp, or crab sautéed in a creamy pasta, Crabfest truly gives guests an opportunity to discover crab like never before.”

During Crabfest, Red Lobster is celebrating the fishing boats and crews that help supply crab to its restaurants, including the Deadliest Catch™ fleet. Guests can toast the fleet with the NEW! Rogue Wave cocktail, featuring Sauza Gold tequila, blue curacao and house margarita mix topped with a splash of ginger ale and served in collectible Deadliest Catch™ glassware.

All the crab served at Red Lobster is wild-caught and traceable, sustainable and responsibly-sourced by suppliers who understand the importance of maintaining healthy crab populations, now and for generations. To learn more about how and where Red Lobster sources its crab, visit: www.RedLobster.com/SeafoodWithStandards.

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