Did You Know that Female Genital Mutilation is Not Prohibited in Some States?

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New Hampshire is the 27th state to criminalize female genital mutilation (FGM). Governor Chris Sununu signed House Bill 1739 on July 3, 2018 following its passage in the NH legislature in May. America Matters applauds the efforts of law makers, activists, and citizens who helped pass this critical legislation.

FGM, and other practices that infringe on basic human rights, do not align with core American values. All states should enact laws that protect women and girls from this physically and mentally harmful act. Citizens can take action by:

America Matters’ CEO, Samantha Nerove, says, “New Hampshire has taken remarkable action in protecting girls from a lifetime of physical and emotional trauma. The other remaining 23 states that do not have FGM laws, including neighbors in New England, should follow New Hampshire’s path. We have a collective, and individual, responsibility to ensure FGM does not happen to another child. Not one more.”

FGM is still not prohibited in the following states (New Hampshire has just changed the law.:

Alabama Alaska Arkansas
Connecticut Hawaii Idaho
Indiana Iowa Kentucky
Maine Massachusetts Mississippi
Montana Nebraska New Mexico
North Carol Ohio Pennsylvan
S. Carolina Utah Vermont
Washington Wyoming

Samantha Nerove is Founder/CEO of America Matters, a non-profit foundation that focuses on issues people care about not party or politics. She’s a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, paratrooper, and combat veteran.

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