Inspiring Gifts For Book Lovers

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Jan Morrison is an artist and reading enthusiast from Traverse City, Michigan who has created a unique at home business. Book Lover’s Lark was created for those who love reading, art, and inspirational quotes. Jan’s business offers unique gifts to book lovers and these gifts have drawn quite the attention from the local community. “I have combined my passion for art and education to create fun desk calendars, bookmarks, note cards, posters, and other related products. Each product is printed with feel good drawings and watercolor artwork featuring scenes ranging from reading on the beach to a cozy fireplace during the winter season.”

For over 20 years as an art teacher, Jan enjoyed helping students find their own level of imagination through all forms of art. Jan wanted to continue having this great feeling of creation and imagination and decided to start making miniature desk calendars for friends and family. With so many smiling faces, these friends and family began spreading the word about Book Lover’s Lark and the heartwarming gifts Jan was creating. This is when Jan’s idea to create calendars turned into a full product line of unique book lover gifts that customers would keep coming back for. Jan’s business was built upon providing others with tranquility and inspiration through reading and the creativity of artwork. There is something for all ages and gifts that anybody can enjoy.


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