How to Search Millions of Emails — Hint: It’s Easy

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By the Price of Business Show, Hosted by Kevin Price.  The Price of Business is a media partner of this site. 

There are two general approaches to searching through common email formats.  The first approach is to use the dtSearch ( end-user product working through Microsoft MAPI to access the emails. This is what you would do if you downloaded dtSearch and wanted to, for example, search your own emails that are “live” in Microsoft Outlook. You would load dtSearch, and then you would use the “Add Outlook” button in the dtSearch indexer to index your own “live” emails. dtSearch will automatically build an index holding each unique word in the “live” emails, and its location in the emails. And then you can instantly search all of your emails plus any attachments (even multilevel nested attachments) using dtSearch’s over 25 search options.

The second approach is typically the one that works for most investigations, where investigators are looking at millions of email files from a third-party source. In that case, you would just point any dtSearch enterprise or developer product to the directory that contains these email files, and dtSearch will go ahead and index these files just like any other ordinary file that it comes across like an MS Office file or a PDF file. And then just as in the earlier example, you can instantly search all of the emails along with any attachments using dtSearch’s over 25 search options.


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