An Outpouring of Tributes for John McCain

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The political world of all persuasions has had an outpouring of support for the McCain family, following the passing of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).  McCain was the GOP nominee for President in 2008 and a former Vietnam War POW and one who led the efforts to heal the relationship between the US and Vietnam. He was 81

Paralyzed Veterans of America notes:

“Paralyzed Veterans of America is deeply saddened by the loss of Senator John McCain and we offer our sincere condolences to his family during this time.

“Senator McCain’s leadership and influence in shaping veterans policy will truly be missed. He will be remembered as a key leader in reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in recent years, ensuring that veterans have timely access to health care, and for leading the way to expand and improve mental health services provided by VA in an effort to curb veteran suicide.

“Senator McCain was also a staunch champion for the rights of people with disabilities. He was a principal co-sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act, and fought courageously for ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), even against members of his own party. Regarding his support for the treaty, McCain stated, “As a cosponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the ADA Amendments Act, I have long advocated on behalf of equal access and non-discrimination for all Americans, including our veterans and today’s disabled soldiers returning home from serving their nation in war. I support U.S. ratification of the disability treaty, as it seeks to advance these same fundamental values of equality and human dignity around the world.” His actions truly echoed his words… (READ MORE)

The US Conference of Mayors, which usually leans to the left on policy positions, has the following statement from the organization President, Mayor Steve Benjamin of Colombia, SC:

“I was watching a movie about superheroes with my young daughters this evening when I learned that America had lost a real life hero. I had the opportunity to explain to them in the moment that Senator John McCain was indeed a hero and an authentic American patriot.

“On every occasion that he addressed America’s mayors — and there were many, he received from Democratic, Republican and Independent mayors a standing ovation upon entering the room.

“He was a Senator that put America first.  And putting America first for him meant to join with the nation’s mayors and others in a bipartisan way to get things done for our nation.  We are thankful at this time for our joint efforts to pass true comprehensive immigration reform and pray that those labors were not in vain… (READ MORE)

The American Jewish Committee weighed in:

“AJC mourns the passing of Senator John McCain. A national hero who courageously survived more than five years of horrendous treatment as a POW in Vietnam, McCain served nearly 36 years in the U.S. Congress, following his retirement in 1981 from the U.S. Navy. He was 81 years old.

“‘Senator McCain was a statesman and a national treasure – and an avid supporter of Israel, an ally he first visited nearly 40 years ago,’ said AJC CEO David Harris. ‘A passionate advocate for American global leadership, Senator McCain rightly bemoaned those who favored a U.S. pullback from world affairs.’

“AJC had many interactions with Senator McCain during his long public service. In 2014, he addressed, for the second time, the annual AJC Global Forum in Washington, D.C.

“‘If America does not lead, others will, and they will most likely be those that seek to do us harm,’ said McCain. ‘Withdrawing from the world is a luxury that America can never afford—not now, not ever.’

“McCain admirably opposed the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, cautioning that it would not prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon in the future. He also warned against threats to Israel and the U.S. from terrorist organizations in the Middle East galvanized by Islamist radicalism.

“‘Our nation has lost a brave patriot, a dedicated public servant, a rare voice of independence and authenticity, and a leader of conscience. He lived a life of dignity and honor. He will be sorely missed,’ Harris added… (READ MORE)

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