Lattice on Next Generation People Management Platform

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Today Lattice moved a step closer towards its promise of building the next generation people management platform by launching its second product, Engagement. While Lattice was already known for a premier performance management product used by 750+ customers, it’s now become the first continuous performance system to build a full engagement survey suite. Lattice announced the new product earlier this morning on the company blog.

Lattice Engagement has the traditional functionality promised by other engagement survey solutions, but what makes this engagement survey solution special is the connection to a performance management suite. Instead of two siloed systems, Lattice customers now have one place for all things people management.

“Now we can help leadership understand whether high performers at a company feel that they’re getting enough recognition, or whether a certain manager isn’t empowering their team enough,” said Jack Altman, CEO & Co-Founder of Lattice. “We believe employee engagement and employee performance are deeply related. We’re excited to give our customers more insights into this connection so they can build stronger company cultures.”

In building Engagement, Lattice knew that in order to give companies valuable insights about their culture, a lot of thought had to go into the survey design. To ensure scientific rigor, Lattice partnered with a professor and behavioral economist at UC Berkeley, Elizabeth Linos, to design their question templates. Her research focus is on recruitment, retention, motivation, and performance in the workplace, and she’s a survey design and program evaluation specialist who’s worked with the big 4 tech companies.

Since launching in 2016, Lattice has grown to serve over 750 customers including a number of today’s best places to work like Reddit, Glossier, Asana, Button, and Cruise.

Lattice’s magic comes down to its ability to take a complicated management process and distill it down into an easy-to-use tool that’s powerful for admins, but designed for the employee experience. As Stephanie Mardel, VP of People at Button observed, “People truly enjoy using this tool. They enjoy the user interface, the simplicity. Everyone at Button loves the Lattice platform.” Lattice has put this same attention to detail and focus on the employee experience into the new Engagement product.

It’s an exciting time for the Lattice team as they continue to build a management platform that powers today’s best places to work.

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