Important Things to Consider When Buying a Gold Chain

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Buying gold jewelry is an expensive decision. To ensure that you are getting top value for your money, you must consider a lot of things before making a purchase. Some of them are listed below:


Ask About the Karat Type

When you decide to purchase a gold chain, be sure to ask about its karat weight. Is it 10kt, 14kt or 18kt? The concept of karat weight can be explained with the help of an example.


Let’s assume you found a chain made of 14kt gold. A 14kt gold chain, in terms of weight, means that it is made of 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy. This composition is usually considered good because it makes the chain durable without compromising its brilliance. The manufacturers are able to make the chain wearable every day by adding alloy to it.


By that logic, one would think that a 10kt gold chain is more durable. However, that is not true. Too much alloy in the composition of the chain will make it look less shiny and more metal. According to the experts, it is better to buy a 14kt chain as it has just the right amount of gold and alloy for everyday use. That being said, this blog will share some essential tips to help you make an informed decision.


The Length of the Chain

Women usually prefer to buy chains that are collar length and end right above their shirts’ neckline. However, there are also others who prefer to wear longer chains. The length of the chain is a matter of personal choice and there is no wrong or right way to choose the perfect length. However, 18 inches is considered to be the popular preference amongst buyers.


The Type of Clasp

There are two types of clasps that are popular in gold chains. One is called the lobster clasp and the other one is called the spring ring. According to jewelry experts, buyers should choose lobster clasp for their gold chains. Spring rings are cheap and prone to breaking. The ‘O’ ring on the clasp may open with a tug and you may end up losing the chain or the pendant or both! Lobster clasps, on the other hand, are very durable and safe for your jewelry. They are soldered on your chain and don’t get undone with a simple tug.


Wearing your Jewelry to Bed

Nobody even considers this important factor when buying a chain! However, this is an important thing that you must keep in mind when making a purchase. Many people wear their chains to bed. Believe it or not, this simple habit can take a beating on your gold chain over a period of time. So if you want to ensure that your chain survives the test of time, then consider buying link chains that are durable and don’t give in to a little squish and tug. Other chains that hold up just as well are box chains and rope chains. So if you are someone who is known for rough use, then this is an important thing to consider.


Chain Texture

Since the chain is going to be interacting with your skin a lot, it is important to check how it feels against your body. Does it feel scratchy or rough? Another important question to ask yourself is if you can run this chain against your shirt or sweater without it getting caught in the threads. If the chain snags when you run it across the fabric, then you are going to have a bad time every day as you get in and out of your clothes.


We often forget the practicality factor in favor of design. You need to realize that your chain needs to not only look beautiful, but it must also be functional. Have you ever had to take off a piece of jewelry because it leaves behind a trail of red marks? If the chain digs into your flesh, then consider choosing another design. Test it by running your fingers over it. The chain must feel smooth and should not have tiny pieces sticking out of it. If the chain’s texture feels jagged, then you need to keep looking.


The Thickness of the Chain

The last thing you want is the chain to entangle in your hair and snap in your hands as you try to detangle it! Even though it may seem absurd, this really does happen to a lot of women. This usually happens when the chain is too thin that can easily roll up in your hair. However, you can avoid this problem by choosing medium thickness.


Check What the Chain is made Of

When we say design, we don’t mean the aesthetics. Design, in this context, refers to the material the chain is made of. Some people prefer the opulent yellow color in their jewelry and end up choosing gold-plated chains with less amount of gold in it. However, this yellow color will eventually wear off and make your chain look older than its years.


Sometimes you may also feel that the chain feels much lighter, even though it looks heavy. This usually happens when the gold chain is hollow inside to keep the prices down. You may not know this but many manufacturers make thick gold chains by using this method. However, you must know that even though these chains look fuller, they are brittle and prone to breakage. Moreover, if they dent, these chains cannot be fixed.


This is the reason experts recommend that people should consider buying solid chains that will last them a lifetime. They are heavier and don’t wear down that easily because they are meant for everyday wear. Good solid chains may cost a tad extra but they are definitely worth the money you will spend.


Ask for Guarantees

Any reputed company worth its salt will never mind backing its own product. Some really good ones will even provide you a lifetime guarantee on their products. This usually means that the chain you buy from the seller will be free from all manufacturer defects such as color changes, pits, dents, or tarnishing. However, these guarantees do not cover against wear and tear. Therefore, it is recommended to check what the guarantee on your gold chain includes.


You can also ask for an extended service plan that will really protect your chain over the years against all kinds of damage. For a small price, you can protect your expensive jewelry against snaps. Some of them even replace the clasps for free if they break.


Know Your Style

This goes without saying that in order to buy the best gold chains, you should know what you really want. If you are someone who likes elegant and sophisticated designs, then you should opt for a durable, yet delicate chain. You can either keep it simple or wear it with a small pendant to make it look stylish, casual, or minimalistic. However, if you are someone who has an outgoing personality, then you should consider buying a statement chain that can catch attention and make heads turn!


Buying a gold chain is no rocket science. All you need to do is ask the right questions and do the right checks. This is especially important if you are buying your product online. Since you do not have the privilege of reviewing the chain physically, you can eliminate most of the guesswork regarding its quality by assessing the gold chain based on these factors.

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