Bithumb is Holding the “Triple Seven” Event to Repay Foreign Members

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The global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb is holding the “Triple Seven” event to repay foreign members for their support. This event refunds up to 70% of the transaction fee.

Foreign members can participate in the event from November 22nd to December 19th by making transactions worth of 700 million KRW (based on Bithumb cash value) or more during this period. For transactions that occurred during this period, they can receive payback of up to 70% of the transaction fee in cryptocurrency.

Bithumb plans to return 50% of the transaction fee for users that make transactions of more than 700 million KRW and less than 1 billion KRW, and 70% for those who make transactions of more than 1 billion KRW.

In addition, Bithumb also plans to give out 1 million Bithumb cash to first seven users to reach 70 billion KRW worth of transactions within the event period.

The transaction fee refunds and Bithumb cash payments are to be provided from the 14th to 18thof January 2019, in order of precedence.

This event is for foreigners who are residing outside of Korea, both existing and new users can participate. However, Korean users and those who registered through a Korean phone are unable to participate.

Furthermore, since last week Bithumb has been holding the Air Drop Season 3 event that gives out 15 bitcoins to users who simply log onto Bithumb, and is also holding an event that gives out 20,000 Bithumb cash to new users who made transactions of more than 20 million KRW (based on Bithumb cash value).

Head of Marketing Department of Bithumb, Andy Choi, said, “Interest towards not just Bitcoin and Ethereum, but cryptocurrency as a whole is increasing worldwide.” “We are happy to hold various events to return Bithumb members’ support who always trust and use our service,” he added.

On the other hand, Bithumb joined forces with a US based fintech company SeriesOne on the 31stof last month and plans to build a stock-type token exchange in the US during the first half of next year. It is strengthening its position as a global firm specializing in blockchain by also opening a decentralized exchange site ‘Bithumb DEX’ on the 15th of last month through its foreign subsidiary.

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