The Modern Manager: How to Build a Culture of Respect

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Would you go the extra mile if you didn’t feel respected at work? Mamie Kanfer Stewart talks about the importance of cultivating a culture of respect in episode 3 of The Modern Manager. She outlines the difference between bad and good conflict and how to avoid bad conflict, as well as ways to develop respect among team members. Mamie also shares some tips to decide which information is better shared in person instead of in writing and techniques to demonstrate engagement and respect that will help your team feel safe so share their thinking during meetings.

Mamie proclaims that, “In the workplace, respect may be the one thing that makes all other aspects of great management possible. Without a culture of respect, imagine how hard it would be to give meaningful appreciation or actionable feedback, let alone allow for greater autonomy.” Listen to the full episode on iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeart, Spotify and Stitcher. Learn more at

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