What to Eat When Pregnant

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Edamam, a company aiming to organize the world’s food knowledge in order to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide, released today a white paper, discussing the nutrient needs of pregnant women. The paper produced in partnership New York University’s College of Global Public Health summarizes key scientific finding and common practices to create a detailed week-by-week breakdown of what to eat when pregnant.

A key finding of the paper is that during pregnancy eating whole, nutrient rich foods, without significantly expanding calorie intake might be the best approach. In addition to known nutrients for pregnant women, for example folic acid, the paper discusses the importance of other less emphasized nutrients, such as iron, vitamin B6 or vitamin K.

The white paper summarizes generally available findings, but also leverages primary research by New York University. The goal of the paper is to serve as basis for actionable meal recommendations (recipes or foods) for pregnant women, which Edamam will provide as a separate product.

“Our mantra is that food is the ultimate medicine and eating healthy starts from the moment of conception. By helping expectant mothers to eat better, we can move the needle on having healthier children being born, who will be then healthier adults with less chronic diseases or health problems” commented Victor Penev, Edamam’s CEO and Founder.

Edamam aims to develop a real time personalized nutrition recommendation solution for moms and offer it to businesses that serve expectant parents.

The company provides a Meal Recommendation API, which allows developers to build applications creating customized meal plans or diet management tools and the new research on what to eat when pregnant will be offered either via this API or as licensed datasets to customers.

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