The Best Value Masters in Management Programs

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Value Colleges (, an independent online guide to the best values in undergraduate and graduate education, is pleased to share two significant new rankings:

Top 25 Best Value Master’s in Management Programs

Top 25 Best Value Online Master’s in Management Degrees for 2019

Value Colleges ranking of the Top 25 Master’s in Management Programs and the Top 25 Online Master’s in Management Programs focuses on traditional, on-campus programs and online programs that provide the best overall return on investment. For both rankings, Value Colleges based the ranking on the three points most central to value:

  • Affordability
  • Reputation
  • Alumni Salary

To make a long story short, the top 3 MIM programs are: 1) Georgia Tech, 2) University of Virginia, and 3) Texas A&M University. The top 3 Online MIM programs are: 1) CSU Global Campus, 2) Kettering University, and 3) Stevens Institute of Technology. Value Colleges congratulates the top 3 in each category, as well as all of the Best Value management schools!

The full lists, in alphabetical order, can be found below.

According to VC editors, “In just a few short years, the Master’s in Management degree has gone from being a new, untried credential to a proven means of getting ahead in business, government, or educational settings.” The MIM closes an important gap in business education: “almost all MBA programs require students to have at least a couple of years of professional work experience, but that can be hard to come by these days in a contracted job market.” With the Master’s in Management, there are cases to be made for both on-campus and online programs. The mentorship and networking opportunities of an on-campus program are valuable for new graduates, while the convenience and affordability of online programs benefit working professionals who want to increase their management skills. Value Colleges’ two Master’s in Management rankings provide prospective students with both.

Value Colleges has a mission to help future students – whether they are working professionals, new graduates, minority and first-generation students, or others – to find residential and online degree programs that will help them make their goals a reality. Value Colleges is independent and unbiased, ranking degree programs, providing guides for the complex financial and professional questions of college students, and offering honest facts about the potential and pitfalls of a college education.

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