How to Protect Your House from Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are the tiny and creepy creatures which can enter and invade your house even before you spot them. The reason you do not notice them wandering in your house is that they are very small, hide in very strange places, and come out to feed themselves only when you are sleeping in the dark. It is only when you start observing the symptoms, like itching and rashes on your body, small bumps surrounded by blisters, stains under the bed or other furniture, or a strange odor inside your room, that you know about their presence.

They cause a lot of damage to your property once they enter your house. There are many ways through which these bugs can enter your house. They can enter through used furniture, your purse or luggage or through some other infested apartment if you are living in a building. It is much better to take precautions and measures in order to avoid their entry or to protect your house in case they enter.

You can proof your apartment/ house by taking the following precautions in order to protect yourself from the bed bugs:

  1. Get knowledge:

Proper knowledge is a very good way to control the bed bugs from entering your house. Get to know about their patterns and symptoms so that you can identify them as soon as they come into your house. Early detection can save your property, money, and stress. You should also learn about the treatments available for the prevention or cure of bed bugs. Your knowledge will help you to make quick and wise decisions at the time of requirement.


  1. Get regular inspections:

Getting your house checked regularly is one of the best ways to keep the bed bugs out. Professional companies who have experience in controlling these pests will come and thoroughly inspect all your furniture, beds, and belongings in order to check the presence of bed bugs. They might be able to detect something that you could not; this will help you to save weeks of stress and burden. They can also tell you how to bed bug proof your home and avoid all the trouble. Inspection is the official assurance which will relax your mind and help you to sleep peacefully.


  1. Take precautions while/after traveling:

Traveling can be the major reason why your house is infested by bed bugs. No matter how good the hotel ratings are or how safe you are in your flights, there is still a chance that you might bring some bugs back at home. You need to take proper travel precautions if you want to protect your house.

  • Cover your clothes and belongings in vacuum sealed bags in order to protect them.
  • You should also avoid using hotel cupboards or furniture to place your possessions.
  • It is important to wash all the clothes and other belongings once you come back from your vacation.
  • You should also get your luggage bags dry cleaned before you let them sit back in your cupboard.



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