The Brady Briefing: “Medicare for All is Dangerous”

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The Brady Briefing is a regular feature of USA Daily Times.  

By U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX)

The federal government will cancel the health insurance plans of more than 600,000 workers and seniors in my 8th Congressional District of Texas if the dangerous Medicare for All proposal becomes law.

Last week at an emotional congressional hearing led by the House Ways and Means Committee Democrats, it was revealed the socialized medicine scheme known as Medicare for All will dangerously cancel good, quality health care plans for millions of workers, children and the elderly.


For the first time in history, it will be illegal for businesses to offer health care to their workers. The popular Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is eliminated. So is Tricare – relied upon by our military men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom.


More than 30,000 seniors in my district will have their Medicare Advantage plans canceled. And Medicare as we know it will end. Even though seniors have paid their entire lives into Medicare, 170 million Americans will be shoved into Medicare, overloading doctors and overburdening the Medicare system our senior citizens depend upon.


Under the Affordable Care Act, the big fib by President Obama was “If you like your health care plan you can keep it.” Under the Medicare for All, the big truth is “We are coming for your health care plan, and you’re powerless to keep it.”


Make no mistake, Medicare for All guts quality health care in favor of delays and long lines.


It gives Washington politicians and bureaucrats unlimited control over your health care. They, not your doctor, will call the shots on your health care. Can you really trust Washington with your life-and-death health care decisions?


And since doctors and hospitals lose money on nearly every treatment they provide in Medicare today, experts predict Medicare for All will cause a chronic shortage of doctors, and hospital overcrowding will be epidemic.


To make matters worse, it will be even more difficult to plan for a test or an operation. If you think getting a straight answer out of your insurance company is hard, just wait till you try to get a timely answer out of a federal worker who couldn’t care less.


None of this is ‘free’ as Democrats claim. Medicare for All is so costly – trillions of dollars – it will bankrupt America. Experts predict that doubling the taxes on every family and local business won’t even be enough to pay for the new $32 trillion government program.


When you examine Medicare for All closely the truth is right there: Many Americans will pay more, wait longer for health care, and get worse care than you do today.


As the top Republican on the Ways & Means Committee I will do everything in my power to stop this dangerous Medicare for All.


Our U.S. health care system has real problems, but we should focus on improving what’s working and fixing what’s broken rather than starting over with a massive new socialized medicine scheme that will leave many families worse off.


Kevin Brady is the ranking Republican of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. This column is a regular feature of USA Daily Times.

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