Instagram Celebrities Ride Squids For Reef Consciousness In Bora Bora

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Hawaiian-born American social media influencers Jay Alvarrez & Lucas Asher ride giant squids in Bora Bora viral video for reef awareness.

With over 17 Million combined followers on Instagram, this self-styled group called Omerta Cortex are known for participating in extreme sports, skydiving, surfing and skating.

While travelling on a photo-shoot to the exotic neighboring islands of Tahiti & Moorea with models Michele MaturoCasey BoonstraEva Quiala and Ayla Woodruff, Alvarrez & Asher became exposed to a mosaic of coral spread across 118 small, interwoven islands now being threatened by pollution, the rise of the ocean’s temperature and other crippling factors.

Working with social media influencers around the world, including the Real Tarzann, with nearly 6 million followers, Alvarrez and Asher ride full size squids through oceans spanning thousands of miles of sea life in this sensational underwater video.

“I think the only way to get Government leaders, scientists and communities to save our coral reefs is to create a video that gets the attention of our generation,” says Lucas Asher.

“We are committed to raising awareness and financially contributing ourselves by partnering with coral gardeners to lead holistic conservation programs that improve coral health and resilience.”

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