When Do you Need a Lawyer in Israel?

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It is a mistake to believe that the services of a lawyer are necessary only for people who violate the law. Competent legal support may sooner or later be required by everyone. Lawyers for the “Patkin & Partners” with law offices in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Netanya and other cities in Israel provide legal assistance and speak English, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew. This helps us to provide highly qualified legal assistance in various areas.

A lawyer is for the ordinary citizen of the country

A lawyer can be useful to any person for addressing such issues:

  • Family matters. For example, when drafting a marriage contract, asserting one’s rights during a divorce, etc.
  • For car owners. You may need to receive compensation in case of an accident, to return the rights.
  • In real estate transactions. Law firms turn to inspect the object, draw up a contract, check the transparency of the transaction, etc. Also, the lawyer will help defend the rights in case of contact with fraudsters.

On the website https://pz-law.co.il/en/ you can learn more about the services.

A lawyer for migrants

Many people think about moving to another country for permanent residence. However, obtaining citizenship is not so easy. It may take the assistance of a good lawyer to speed up the process. If you are interested in obtaining citizenship in Israel, you can order the service on the site.

Lawyer for business

Quite often, entrepreneurs face problems that require the assistance of an experienced lawyer. A lawyer may be required in disputes with the tax or other regulatory authorities. It is often needed to solve corporate issues. It is used, for example, in case when an employee receives an injury at work. We cannot do without competent representation in court if the business “failed” and the entrepreneur is forced to declare himself bankrupt. You can learn more about this procedure and order a consultation at https://pz-law.co.il/en/bankruptcy-lawyer/. A lawyer can help defend the rights of the debtor in court, write off debts, get permission to do business, despite bankruptcy. All this is extremely important in the event of financial difficulties.

There are many ways to simplify the procedure. For example, in Israel, citizenship can be obtained by repatriation (that is, as part of returning to their homeland). After the procedure you can get a lot of benefits. If you need to learn how to do this, you should apply to your lawyer.

Legal advice

The lawyer is primarily a legal advisor. The emergence of this type of legal assistance as advice has become the basis for solving minor issues. The range of services provided by lawyers is actually quite large. You can get advice on your questions by clicking on this link https://pz-law.co.il/en/legal-advice-in-israel/.


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