7 Sketchup Tips That Can Help You Create The Perfect Model

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Many people assume that Sketchup is an easy way to learn 3D modeling. Due to that widely held belief, people often start Sketching without reading any guide or attending Sketchup School. The developers deserve credit for people being able to jump right in and start the program. However, many beginners who start Sketchup eventually become frustrated at their inability to grasp certain concepts; this often causes bad habits to develop. To assist you through the process of learning Sketchup, here is a look at some popular Sketchup techniques to learn.

3-Button Mouse

To navigate the model, you need to use a three-button mouse. If you click the mouse, you’ll gain access to the orbit tool. Activating the orbit tool will save you time and energy. Keep in mind that the mouse button only temporarily activates the orbit tool, which means that you can use the tool however you want.

Making Copies

Most beginners are familiar with using CTRL to copy and paste things. However, this method is not the best fit for Sketchup. Once you locate the object that you want to make copies of, use CTRL+ The Move Tool. Add some distance between the original and then press enter. You can make over five copies spaced apart from the original.

Use The Tape Measure Tool

Once you have started to create a few models, it’s time to start incorporating dimensions. A good way to locate specific points is through establishing a guide. Use the tape measure tool and click on an edge. After that, drag the mouse along the axis to create a guide. Whenever you bring the mouse close to the guide, Sketchup will reference it. You can create multiple guides.

Rely On Keyboard Shortcuts

As you start the process of learning how to Sketch, avoid trying to memorize everything. As you start to use the tools more often, it will become easy for you to remember them. Rely on keyboard shortcuts, as they will save you a lot of time during your projects. Try to learn the rectangle tool shortcut and the select tool shortcut.

Using More Than One Step

In certain situations, it can be difficult for Sketchup to understand where you are trying to move an object. Try to simplify things. Make sure that you have the proper height for the object. Separate the move into three distinct steps, which will allow you to position an object without having to worry about multiple axes.

Use Groups

Groups can be a major asset to your Sketch models. Groups help you organize parts in a cohesive manner instead of selecting each piece. The Outliner Window allows you to stay organized while you are creating the groups. You can also use components to your advantage. Adding components gives you the ability to change all of your models with one click.

Arrow Keys

Using the arrow keys allows you to move an object in the direction that you want. Tap the arrow keys once to lock an object.


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